• It’s Earth Day!
Here are some things that I already to to help do my part, it’s all about making small steps!
+ buy secondhand
+ pick up trash whenever I see it
+ use reusable glass water bottles
+ using non-toxic cleaning products (Thieves)
+ stopped using plastic straws
Here are some things I have on my to-do list to help
+ plant more trees
+ recycle more
+ switch to all energy efficient lights and appliances around the house
+ educate myself more
+ use reusable bags when shopping
+ buy more organic
What are you doing to help? Go to to learn more.
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  • #MattyMgiftedme
We’re having such a good weekend already. Spent time with family, spent time outside, spent time reflecting on the sacrifice made on the cross, and just spent time together. Happy Easter Weekend ✝️❤️ Also, I found some pretty perfect leggings so I thought I’d share. They’re thick, soft, supportive, have a thick waist band that stays in place, and are super comfy. They’re the “wear everywhere” by Matty M, I’ll link them on my The best part? They’re only $22!

Lastly, shoutout to @ergobaby for having a good carrier for toddlers. I carried this big baby all around our walk and it was comfy + E loved it.

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  • Friday Introductions!🌿
Today I’m starting a new series where I introduce you to a new “clean” brand. Today I’m sharing @cindyssuds. This is a local MI brand which makes me love it even more. But these products you guys are SO good.
+ The oatmeal bath has been amazing for both Z and E, we just put a capful into the bath and they love the lavender buds floating around.
+ The healing salve is a multipurpose balm that can be used for endless things dry skin, bug bites, burns, cradle cap, and cuts/scrapes. Every mama needs one of these in their diaper bags.
+ The soap and body butter are unscented and perfect for sensitive baby skin (or sensitive adult skin!).
What’s your favorite clean beauty/skincare brand? I love supporting local brands so look for more coming soon!
You can shop for these at and check out her page @cindyssuds
  • Happy Wellness Wednesday 🌿
Brand new post all about my essential oil updates! I’m sharing what I’ve learned, what I’ve made/DIY, and how our lives have changed since using essential oils. Go to to read and learn how you can start your wellness journey with oils too! x


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Essential Oils 2 Month Update | Wellness Wednesday

Hey, friends! I can’t believe we’re already in mid-April! My birthday is coming up quick and it’s my last birthday with a 2 in front of it so I’m going to make it a good one! Anyways mid-March also means that I have been using my essential oils for 2 months. I am beyond excited …

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