10 Tips To Look More Awake

Waking up to a sallow face and baggy red eyes would make anyone groan. Although getting enough sleep is key to feeling and looking awake, even people who feel well rested can sometimes look like an extra from the Walking Dead. Whether you didn’t get your full 8 hours of sleep, you have a cold, or just feel stressed, you don’t have to let it show. Follow these 10 tips to look more awake (even if you feel like going back to bed).

10 Tips To Look More Awake

10 Tips To Look More Awake

  1. Adjust your makeup – if you pulled an all-nighter and it’s showing on your face, Glamour recommends drawing attention away from hollow cheeks by adding purple tones to your cheekbones, the top of your nose, and Cupid’s bow.
  2. Treat baggy eyes with cool tea bags – if the dark circles under your eyes are the giveaway, Reader’s Digest recommends soaking two caffeinated tea bags in hot water (you can drink it afterward!) then chilling the bags in the fridge for a few minutes. Next, put them over your eyes for a few minutes to absorb their antioxidants and tannins.
  3. Use a cream – if natural solutions aren’t working to get rid of those darks spots on face and under the eyes, try using a cream made to reduce dark circles or hemorrhoid cream says Elle.It restricts the blood vessels to minimize the circles.
  4. Try eye drops – if you had a little too much to drink last night, slept with your makeup on, or left your contacts in too long, your bloodshot eyes might make you look like you’re turning into a zombie. The best solution? Simple over the counter eye drops. Eye doctors recommend decongestion eye drops for bloodshot eyes.
  5. Cleanse face with cold water – Medical Daily warns that hot water dries out your skin while cold water closes pores to make them look smaller and also prevents them from clogging up. With smaller pores your skin will look fresh and less puffy.
  6. Take a cold shower – if you can stomach it, spread the cold water benefits to your entire body. It might not be relaxing but Medical Daily says it will give you the jolt you need to wake up and have the added benefit of increasing your heart rate and increasing oxygen.
  7. Hydrate – keep a water bottle with you and keep hydrated throughout your day. Although there isn’t a lot of hard evidence on the benefits of water for your skin, most skin care experts agree that dehydration and dry skin go hand in hand. According to Women’s Health Magazine, water reduces wrinkles and pores to make skin supple.
  8. Exercise – yes, one of the most touted healthy living tips will work for sleep heads, too. Studies show exercise boosts energy to fight fatigue. The added oxygen, blood flow, and feel good endorphins will also help bring a healthy shine to your face to make you both look and feel more awake.
  9. Massage your face – surprisingly, massaging your face might work even better than Botox to get young, youthful, and flawless skin according to an article in the Wall Street Journal. It increases circulation, expels toxins, relaxes the muscles, and decreases inflammation. Who knew?
  10. Practice yoga – the Art of Living says poses that bring your head below your torso bring extra blood and oxygen to your facial muscles, which makes your skin glow. A simple downward dog will do, but if you’re more advanced go into a backbend.


It’s easier to look your best if you feel your best, so make sure to try to follow the usual healthy living routine – sleep well, exercise, and eat right. However, even if you aren’t at 100 percent, that doesn’t mean you want to advertise it to the world. “You look tired,” is an awful phrase that can destroy confidence in seconds. Instead of subjecting yourself to criticism from the world (and from yourself), take a few minutes in the morning to make sure you look awake and ready to take on the day. Some of what you do to your appearance may even transfer inward, so you are mentally alert as well.
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