10 Ways to Simplify your Life with Essential Oils | Spring Edit

Hey, everyone! Today we’re talking about 10 ways to simplify your life with essential oils | spring edit. I’m really sharing more than 10 tips but all of these things are going to be common for spring things. It’s been super warm here and we’re loving the weather. But we’re also dealing with allergies and bunnies eating our plants!

Let me know your hacks and tips in the comments! The link to order your oils will be throughout this post. Let me know if you need help. The Premium Starter Kit will cover most *if not all* of your spring needs.

  1. thieves for all household cleaners, including window cleaner
  2. DIY your laundry products // it’s way cheaper + nontoxic,  add in some citrus fresh for a spring scent boost
  3. make drinking water better with lemon or grapefruit, lemon cleanses and grapefruit helps curb appetite
  4. save your plants with thieves, I spray all of my house plants down with thieves once a week
  5. make your own bug spray with citronella + purification
  6. if you go get bug bites, use lavender + copaiba + tea tree in a roller and apply!
  7. skip allergy meds and use the combo of lemon + lavender + peppermint instead! Diffuse, roll on, and take in a capsule!
  8. get rid of garden pests with thieves and purification, just spray on and around plants
  9. make a cooling lavender + peppermint spray for sunburns
  10. use thieves fruit and veggie soak to wash all produce or make your own with thieves oil + lemon oil



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