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2022 Holiday Gift Guide | Gifts for Everyone

2022 Holiday Gift Guide | Gifts for Everyone

Hello friends! Happy Holiday season 2022. This year, again, has flown by and we’re nearing the end. It’s been a great year for us and I hope it has been for you as well. I have done my gift guides a little differently each year and this year I’m going to just put everything in one blog post to make it easy to share. I have each category listed below with all of our favorites throughout this year (and some have been faves for years). Let me know if you have any questions or if I missed anything. As always, thanks so much for shopping my links.


  • Skin Resource.MD // My favorite skincare brand now for 5+ years. The products are formulated by dermatologists and they actually work. They don’t use fragrance or ingredients you don’t need.
  • Biosil // I’ve been taking this for a couple of months and my hair is growing fast, my hair is thicker, and my skin doesn’t have that crepey look and feel anymore when it’s dry out. Click here for more.
  • Osea // The most luxe skin & body care I’ve used. They have the most beautiful bottles and they use marine ingredients that hydrate like no other.
  • DIBS // I jumped on the bandwagon this year. My favorite is the highlight stick, it’s the bomb and totally worth it.
  • Versed // code TOREYNOORA10 // They have very affordable clean skincare. They care about the planet too which is always a bonus.
  • The Organic Skin Co // another awesome clean and sustainable beauty company. I love their skin primer for a good glow.
  • Clinical Skin + // Okay, I’ve been using their Vitamin C serum for months now and my skin has honestly never looked better. I think it’s a combo of this and the Biosil I shared above.
  • Plaine Products // The BEST sustainable products. They ship directly to you then when your products are empty you just return them so they can reuse the bottles. It’s really easy to do and they send you the return label.
  • Vapour Beauty // Vapour QUICKLY became a favorite this year. They’re clean and sustainable + their makeup products are bomb. My faves are the glow stick foundation and mascara.
  • Rose Inc Skincare // code TOREYNOORA20 // I just got their glow kit to try recently and it impressed me! The serum made my skin glow instantly.


  • Cozy Earth // code TOREY30 // THE coziest loungewear and bedding. There’s a reason it’s been on Oprah’s list for years./
  • Ajna // Ajna Wellbeing is my go-to for all Yoga things. I’ve had their yoga mat for years and it’s holding up well.
  • Vapour // Vapour QUICKLY became a favorite this year. They’re clean and sustainable + their makeup products are bomb. My faves are the glow stick foundation and mascara.
  • Bravo Tea // I’ve been loving this brand because they have so many options! The mushroom tea is great and mushrooms have so many health benefits.
  • Ana Luisa // my all-time fave jewelry. I’ve had some of my pieces for years, and they still look new. I also love that the quality is good enough for my daughter’s sensitive ears.
  • Fabletics // they always have great deals, I opt for the sets to get a better bang for my buck.


  • Füm // code torey.noora // Fum is great for people trying to quit smoking or who want to get plant benefits directly.
  • Leanna Organics CBD // code TOREY10 // Leanna has great quality CBD products. I also love their candles! They’re non-toxic and smell amazing. The bath salts would also be a great gift.
  • Sensate // This is a really cool relaxation device. It connects to your phone to provide sound and vibration. It works with your vagus nerve to help with calm.


  • Pedipeds // The cutest shoes for kids that actually help with development. We have the leopard & pink shoes right now, you can see them here.
  • Plant Therapy Oils // they have the best kids’ rollers.
  • Simply Earth Unicorn Set // If you have unicorn-obsessed kids like I do you need to get them the unicorn set. They also have a great DIY kid’s roller set.
  • Lovevery Toy Sub Box // Fun, sustainable, well-made kid toys based on age groups. We’ve loved LOVEVERY for years.



Essential Oils


You can find all of our other favorites on my Amazon Storefront right here.

Thanks so much for reading! Happy Holidays

x, T

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