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3 Things I Never Skip in the Morning

Thanks to Hyperbiotics for collaborating with me on this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

3 Things I Never Skip in the Morning 3 Things I Never Skip in the Morning

My morning routine is something I love, if I had 2 hours every morning to move slow and get all the things done that I want to I would love it. Reality is that I don’t get 2 hours to wake up and start my day so today I’m sharing 3 things I never skip in the morning with what little time I do have. Starting my day right is such a huge part of how the whole day is going to play out. I talk a lot about how wellness is a huge circle of things, not just your health so today I’m sharing the things of all sorts of areas of wellness.

3 Things I Never Skip in the Morning


1. Probiotics

I had the worst stomach before taking probiotics. I would be crampy, bloated, have indigestion, you name it, daily. I started taking them regularly about 5 years ago and now it’s very rare for me to have any type of digestive issue. I also feel overall more healthy and so much better. Gut health could be a whole series of blog posts but just know it’s extremely important and your gut is also known as your second brain. I encourage you to go to Hyperbiotics blog or pubmed.gov to learn more!

2. Gratitude

This one is huge guys, huge. I cannot have a good day unless I prepare myself mentally. Here are some of the things I do: 1. read my bible // I just go through one book at a time and read a few chapters each time I open it. 2. I write in my prayer/gratitude journal // Chris got me this for Christmas and it’s such a game-changer. I love writing down things I’m grateful for and going back to reflect on how awesome God has been. 3. I also can’t start my day without prayer, it’s not always a 30-minute quiet time full out prayer session but I always pray.

3. Oral Care

I just recently upped my oral care game with Hyperbiotics toothpaste and I love the benefits. I also use a copper tongue scraper that makes a huge impact. The benefits of tongue scraping are huge, I’m going to do a whole post on that soon. The last thing I use regularly is the Thieves mouthwash. I read that rinsing with essential oils is just as effective as flossing, how incredible is that (I don’t skip flossing now by any means but I love that).

Not every morning is perfectly planned and executed. There will be some days where I wake up and go straight into changing diapers and getting Emery ready for school without even brushing my teeth, but being intentional is something I strive for. One thing I’m working on is going with the flow if things don’t go as planned in the morning, what about you?


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  1. I’m totally good for one and three! Although I’m grateful for all, I would like to make it a habit of formally journaling daily; trying to work it into my usual routine! xoxo, Sarah

  2. LOVE this!!! I am all about oral care as well and never ever skip that. I also received the 5 minute journal recently which focuses on gratitude and appreciation + kicking off and ending your day on a positive note and it has been wonderful. Definitely great to tofus on what we are grateful for!

    xo Laura Leigh

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