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5 Essential Oils to Add to Your Skincare Right Now

5 Essential Oils to Add to Your Skincare Right Now

Hello, friends! Happy winter, if you’re in the midwest anyways. Today is snowing like crazy and all I can think about is how dry my skin gets in the winter. Today I’m sharing 5 essential oils that are amazing for skin + some skincare products you can easily add them to that are going to be perfect for fall and winter.

5 Essential Oils to Add to Your Skincare Right Now

5 Essential Oils to Add to Your Skincare Right Now

Davana // fights blemishes and gives your skin a sheer radiance, use it for glowing skin

Cedarwood // anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, hydrates, also great for acne

Frankincense // balances, prevents aging, good for age spots, promotes skin regeneration and helps with reducing scarring

Palmarosa // balancing, healing, helps with acne, can help inflammation

Patchouli // balances skin, good for oily skin, good for age spots, good for aging skin

Adding Them To Skincare

There are a few ways you can incorporate eo’s into your routine. I like to add 1-2 drops to my products right before I apply it. You can also add 5-10 drops straight to the bottle. Here are the products I’m using currently.

Ultra Rich Biolipid Cream // super hydrating for dry winter skin

Baobab Cream // It’s always a good time to add Baobab, it hydrates, brightens, and reverses signs of sun damage.

Age Limit Serum // perfect for aging skin or if your skin’s texture needs some extra love. It refinishes for smooth glowing skin.

Essential Solar Protector // don’t put your SPF away for the season! This one is super creamy and absorbs nicely, see the video for a demo.


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  1. I use frankincense to help with my acne scarring and it’s been wonderful! I also actually use lavender pretty regularly. It helps soothe my skin and heal it when I’m breaking out or experiencing dryness. These are all great suggestions!

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