5 Products To Try By Formula 10.0.6

5 Products To Try By Formula 10.0.6

5 Products To Try By Formula 10.0.6

Hello there! & Thanks so much for reading today. I recently received some products from Formula 10.0.6 to try. I was really impressed and couldn’t wait to share! Spoiler alert: loveee.

What I received and my opinions on each:

Best Face Forward

daily foaming cleanser

I absolutely love this cleanser. It is a clear, gel cleanser that smells awesome and foams really well, with and without my facial cleanser brush. My face feels super clean without being dried out, I love this. It has passion fruit and green tea which reduces oiliness and soothes skin. Update (August 2016) I am still loving this cleanser and my husband steals it for his bathroom all the time!

So Totally Clean

original formula with salicylic acid, cleanser, and toner

I have tried the sensitive, alcohol-free, formula and now this one. I found that the sensitive skin left a little bit of a tacky/sticky feeling so I am not a fan. The original formula is great for people that need/want an intense with alcohol astringent/toner. This was the only product that I didn’t love, but also don’t hate either.

Seriously Shine Free

mattifying moisturizer

I love love love this for summertime. It is a perfect daytime, light moisturizer which is what my skin needs during the summer months. It has aloe vera (perfect for after sun) and bamboo (which is a natural exfoliant). I use a little heavier moisturizer at night still. Update (August 2016) I still love this & just used it all summer.

Pores Be Pure

skin-clarifying mud mask

I am a huge fan of masks of all kinds. This one is a strawberry (yaaaas), yarrow, and rosemary which clarify, and clean out impurities. I always love a skincare item with berries because of the antioxidant benefits. I have used this about 3 times and love it, it washes off well and leaves my skin soft and clean. Update (August 2016) Have still been obsessed with this and I love mixing activated charcoal in with it for an extra bang.

Keep Me Clean

clarifying facial wipes

Another thing I’m a huge fan of during the summer, facial wipes. I use these to remove my makeup and they work great. I also use these in between cleansing, toning, moisturizing, (the whole shebang) and my face feels clean and fresh. They have tea tree, cucumber, and salicylic acid. I try not to use too many products with salicylic acid because my skin is pretty sensitive to it but I haven’t had an issue with these.


My final thoughts are that I love the brand and want to try it all! I can’t wait to try Picture Perfect Day, a gel moisturizer with SPF 15, Face the Day, a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15, Rescue Me, a blemish spot treatment, and the rest of their masks!


You can find all of Formula 10.0.6 products here!

Thanks again for reading today, have you tried Formula 10.0.6? What products do you love?


Xx, T

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