5 Tips for Flying with Kids +Giveaway

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5 Tips for Flying with Kids

1. Find the Best Airport +Get There Early

We have a perfect airport near us for flying in and out of. It’s small (yet we can still get direct flights), friendly, and has the best amenities. Here’s why we love the Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR):

  • They have play areas before and after security. Emery loved that and she got a couple of free coloring books there too!
  • Starbucks (#butfirstcoffee) This is just an essential, right?
  • Nursing rooms for breastfeeding + pumping mamas. This was so nice and it makes me so happy to see businesses doing this.
  • Family restrooms. Any other girl-mamas hate when places don’t have these especially for dads taking girls to go potty? Thank you GRR!
  • Super easy parking garage // or shuttles right to the door from the regular parking lot. We just park in the parking garage because it’s super close and convenient but you can also park in the huge lot and get a shuttle ride in.
  • Free wifi
  • Charging stations galore. I’m always in need of a charge, anyone else?
  • Water bottle fill-up stations. This was really nice since we can’t bring a full water bottle through security (at least very easily). *Tip: Check tsa.gov if you aren’t sure of what you can bring with you on the plane.
  • “Free Little Library” program
  • They have an app! This makes it super easy to check flights and TSA wait time.

GRR has over 3000 employees which makes it super easy to find someone to help, and they also served over 3 million passengers last year!

2. Babywearing

Wear your baby. I can’t stress this one enough, it literally saved us while traveling and while on vacation. I just got the Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier and it’s so easy to use. Since having Emery 3 years ago I’ve tried tons of carriers and this one is the most comfortable. It’s made out of yoga/stretchy material and you can wear baby facing in or out which I love. You just clip it on, put baby in, and tie (side note: I wasn’t even wearing it “correctly” and it was still comfy, but make sure you cross the straps in an x across your back for more support). There’s a video on how to wear it here. My husband wore Zara too so it’s perfect for both mom and dad, or grandma/grandpa/aunt/uncle etc. I have the heather gray but it also comes in blue and black. Surprise! I am giving away a blue carrier to one lucky mama, all the details are below.

3. Snacks

When you think you have enough snacks, pack some more and have lots of different options. You never know if you’ll have delays, or if your toddler is going to hate a snack they just loved the day before. I like packing ziplock baggies full of crackers and different pouch snacks. You can usually find stuff while traveling but it’s so much more expensive so plan ahead!

4. Oils

I brought all of my favorite rollers with me on the plane. I have a special roller that is just for me, I call it my liquid Xanax, and it helped SO much. It’s a blend of valor, stress away, lavender, and I think citrus fresh. I had my headache blend, my immunity blend, and my sleep blend on hand too. I also brought Emery’s rollers, a calming/bedtime blend with lavender, an owie blend with frankincense, and a happy/citrus blend. Bring all the ones you think you’ll need because you never know. If you are ready to start your oily journey click here to get your starter kit or message me on Instagram if you have questions.

5. Video

We all try to limit video and screentime but a plane is just a place for it in my opinion. Download your favorite episodes on the Netflix app or just plan to pay the wifi fee (what we do) so you can watch YouTube, Hulu, etc. You can worry about screentime management when you’re back at home.

I hope you found some of these tips helpful! Just remember to have patience and take it all in because it goes by so quick. Oh, and take lots of pictures! Share all of your tips for traveling with kids in the comments!

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5 Tips for Flying with Kids +Giveaway5 Tips for Flying with Kids +Giveaway
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  1. I never knew GRR was so modern! I’m From saginaw originally but we just relocated to Kansas City. I’ve got family in Grand Rapids so I’ll have to keep this airport in mind when we come back to visit!

  2. These are such great tips! I don’t have kids yet, but I know I will need this when i do. Thanks for sharing! Xo

  3. Love these tips… we have done a LOT of flying since Everley was born and I totally agree with everything you’ve suggested. Adding another bubba to the mix in June and still hoping to travel as much as we can 🙂

  4. These are all such great tips! I’ll definitely have to keep them in mind in the future when I have kids 🙂

    xx Mollie

  5. I can only imagine how stressful traveling with kids can be but it seems like you totally got this. These tips ar wonderful and I totally want to try your oil blend when traveling!

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