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5 Ways to Creatively Gift a Gift Card

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5 Ways to Creatively Gift a Gift Card    

5 Ways to Creatively Gift a Gift Card

I know there’s a lingering opinion that gifting gift cards for Christmas are lazy or unthoughtful. I love a unique gift as much as the next person but it’s just not an option for everyone. Also, I know how hard I am to shop for and I have those people on my list, so I love giving/receiving gift cards. It’s hard to shop for an enneagram 1, can anyone else relate?

In the last couple of years, we’ve done as much as we can to simplify the holidays so that we can reduce our stress as much as possible and keep the meaning of Christmas at the forefront of our minds. This means we simplify our meals, simplify gifting and make lots of lists to stay on the same page while also being organized. Simple is just better and that’s exactly what a gift card is!

Now, with that being said you don’t just have to grab a gift card and hand it over, you can get creative (while still keeping it simple) when gifting the card. Here are 5 Ways to Creatively Gift a Gift Card. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments. Happy Holidays! You are loved.

1. tie it to a cute coffee or tea mug

5 Ways to Creatively Gift a Gift Card

2. attach it to a cute journal or planner

5 Ways to Creatively Gift a Gift Card

3. add it to a DIY gift

4. hide it in a jar of candy

5. make a snow globe

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Thanks for reading today, I hope your holiday season is filled with sparkles of God’s love.

x, T

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