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5 Ways to use Essential Oils Every Day

Hello! I haven’t done a Friday 5 post in a while so here we go! Today I’m sharing 5 really simple ways to incorporate oils into your day, 5 Ways to use Essential Oils Every Day. Whether you use oils already these tips will be useful! x

5 Ways to use Essential Oils Every Day

  1. add a drop to your water // my favorites for this are lemon* and grapefruit but any citrus oil or vitality oil would be good!
  2. immune support // throw a Thieves*, oregano, frankincense*, lemon* roller together and use that baby morning and night. I apply it to our spines and feet.
  3. energy // there are lots of oils for this, I love using peppermint* in my Füm inhaler for a fast pick me up. click here to shop fum, use code torey.noora for 10% off
  4. sleep // on the other end of this there are also tons of oils for sleep support. I can make a list of 100 but my favorites are lavender* + cedarwood for us and Sleepyize for the girls. I roll these oils on our wrist and back of necks and also diffuse in our bedrooms.
  5. skin support // I use frankincense* on my face every day. There are lots of skincare oils though, read about more right here.

oils with * after come in the premium starter kit

Do you use essential oils? Our main goal when starting out with them was to eliminate candles and toxic cleaners. Fast forward to a year later and we’re using oils for more things than I can count. I love welcoming new families into our oily community so if you’ve been on the fence about getting started hit me up. There are lots of ways to jump in that fit anyone’s lifestyle and budget. email me at torey.noora@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram, let’s do this!

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x, T

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