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50+ Sustainability Tips | Beginners Guide to Eco Friendly Living

Hey, friends! I am so excited to finally share this post with you all. I have been feeling a pull on my heart to be more sustainable at home and also to share with you ways to be more eco-friendly. After all, this is the only earth we have. We need to take care of it. The first step is knowledge so I hope you take away some tips here and learn a thing or 2. 50+ Sustainability Tips | Beginners Guide to Eco Friendly Living.

50+ Sustainability Tips | Beginners Guide to Eco Friendly Living

Sustainability in the Kitchen

  • eat less meat
    • I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years for health and environment benefits. Eating less meat can help reduce the impact it has on the earth.
  • use reusable straws
    • we love EQUO because they have a lot of different options like rice and grass
  • use reusable bottles // do not but bottled water
  • use reusable paper towels/cloths
  • skip paper plates and plastic cutlery
  • if you need to, use compostable plates and disposable tableware
  • meal plan to waste less food
    • this one is hard especially if you have kids or picky eaters but just strive for little steps towards your goals
  • use eco friendly cleaners around your home in reusable jars (we use branch basics and thieves cleaner)
  • say no to plastic bags when shopping, use paper or reusable bags
  • don’t buy plastic wrapped foods
  • shop local when possible for groceries/produce
  • go plastic free whenever possible (cups, bottles, toys, etc)
  • start composting
    • we use the Lomi composter by Pela which breaks down food into dirt in 24 hours, in my opinion it’s life changing. A full Lomi Review is coming soon as well as a demo.
  • Repurpose is a brand we use alot in the kitchen
    • they have paper towels, paper plates, cutlery, garbage bags, and more.
    • Shop Repurpose right here and use code torey15 to save $$
  • do your dishes by hand to save water when possible
  • make recycling simple by having a recycle bin next to your garbage can
  • use recycled paper towel
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Position your fridge away from stove and out of sunlight

Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Sustainable Closet

  • don’t wash your clothes unless you absolutely need to, wear the jeans again before throwing them in the basket
  • donate unused items
  • shop secondhand first, the only things we don’t look for used are under garments and bedding
  • wear sustainable clothing
  • say goodbye to fast fashion, instead support small businesses (we love Saved by Grace Co), sustainable fashion brands, and thrift stores (we love local ones + thredup.com)

Sustainability in your Bathroom

Outdoor Eco-Friendly Tips

  • grow your own food when possible
  • drive less
    • carpool when you can, bike where you can, and get an electric car if possible

Sustainable Laundry Routine

  • do your laundry at a lower temp
  • use dryer balls to save dry time
  • skip the plastic packaging and get Dropps pods, they ship plastic free
    • I have discount codes for Dropps!
    • torey15 – 15% off all orders for existing customers
    • torey25 – 25% off new customers only

Misc Eco-Friendly Home Tips

  • save energy
    • don’t use unnessessary lighting, turn your heat and air conditioning down, hang clothes to dry, contact your energy company to get more tips
  • go paperless on bills etc
  • turn off all devices at night that you don’t need
  • add plants to your home and office, we try to do at least one per room for air quality
  • you can also get an air purifier for better indoor air quality
  • spend more time outside
  • plant trees
  • practice minimalism in all areas of your life
  • get rid of clutter
    • organize and donate what you don’t need
  • buy less and better quality
    • Etsy has a carbon-offset program for shipping
  • Upgrade windows to save energy
  • subscribe to Everyday Eco – a weekly email full of plastic-free living and inspiration
  • check out the 17 United Nations Sustainable Goals 

Sustainable Kids Things

Sustainable Tech Accessories

Carbon Neutral Jewelry

  • shop brands that are carbon neutral
    • one of my faves is ANA LUISA // discount code: torey 10

More Sustainable Brands We Love

Public Goods

check out my amazon store front to see lots of other sustainable favorites in all categories

Quick Eco-Friendly Tips

  • remove all plastic possible from your home and routines
  • look for replacements like: bamboo, organic cotton, or hemp
  • use what you have first, then look for more sustainable replacements

Thanks so much for reading today! You are loved.

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x, T

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50+ Sustainability Tips | Beginners Guide to Eco Friendly Living

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