8 Ways to Simplify Your Makeup Routine

8 Ways to Simplify Your Makeup Routine

Do you spend way to much time on things you shouldn’t? I am obsessed with making things as efficient as possible. If you need to speed your routine up so you can spend more time on more important things, keep reading!

Start With

  • Have an excellent skincare routine, this perfects your face and simplifies what makeup you need to wear. I am a firm believer that your skincare routine should be more important than your makeup. Taking care of your skin should be number one. Moisturizing is one of the most important steps in skincare, read more about that here.
  • Have signature/everyday products such as foundation and mascara and keep them together and separate from the rest of your makeup. I like to keep multiples of my favorite foundation, mascara and brow pencil in my makeup bag and in my purse so I’m never without them.
  • If you don’t have an everyday look, pick out what look you want to do the night before like you would your clothes, such as a nude eye/bright lip, or a smokey eye/nude lip, etc. We are in the process of filming and reviewing a whole new series called B&B Recipes that will help you with this! Stay tuned because those are going to be awesome!

Then Use

  • Use double ended brushes. I cannot express my love enough for a good double ended brush. My absolute favorite is this one by urban decay. It’s for contouring and highlighting but you can use for anything in a pinch or when traveling.
  • Use a concealer that works for under eye as well as on blemishes. Some concealers are just for covering blemishes and don’t work well for under eye area, make sure to have one that works for both! On the other hand some of my under eye concealers are too light for the areas on the rest of my face.
  • Use an all-in-one palette with blush/bronzer/highlighter. I love keeping one of these in my purse as well, they are so convenient. My favorite one is the Urban Decay Flushed palette but for a really good price e.l.f. cosmetics has one as well.
  • Do your eyes first so you don’t ruin your foundation with the fallout of the shadow or mascara mess. This was a hard habit to break because I was so used to doing my face first, and sometimes I still do.
  • Use a moisturizing lip product. You don’t want to have to worry about a matte lippie drying your lips out and then having to go back in and add some moisture. I love a few different ones like this one and this one.

What are you doing?

What do you do to speed up your morning routine? I’d love if you shared your tips and tricks with us as well! xo


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