After Shower Routine

After Shower Routine After Shower RoutineAfter Shower Routine Hello, hello! I hope your week is going by fast, happy friyay eve! Today I’m sharing my after-shower routine and my favorite lotions, oil, and current self-tanning situation.

After Shower Routine


It’s no secret that I love H2o+ and basically every single one of their products that I’ve tried. I have a ton of H2o+ lotions that I like to rotate. My favorite one is the Milk Body Butter. I use the Milk Scrub and Body Wash in the shower and I love pairing it with the lotion when I get out. It has such a clean scent and leaves my skin so smooth.

I also use the Oasis body gel moisturizer. If you are familiar with H2o+ at all you probably know about their Oasis face moisturizer (that awesome blue jelly moisturizer stuff) Well this is like that but for your body. It’s more of an energizing scent though so I don’t use it as much, I’m more of a calming, light, and mostly lavender girl.

The last H2o+ product I have by my shower is the hand and cuticle lotion. It has a fresh scent and works great on my hands especially now when it’s freezing and dry outside. Use code OHBODY until 1/29 to get savings on body care at (or shop below).


I have been loving the I am Organic Body Oil. An oil is just so luxurious and hydrating. It does take a little longer to apply and rub in and absorb but it smells so so good and it’s organic/natural and good for you – not to mention it’s lavender & rosemary ?. The I am Organic Oils also detox your skin and help with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.


I have been using the Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner. It has a hint of shimmer and smells SO fresh and yummy. I like that it’s a gradual tanner so I can use it every other day. My favorite part about it is their mitt. It is the best tanning mitt I’ve ever used. It has a thumb so if you’ve used the ones in the past with no thumb you know the struggle of that stupid thing spinning around and not being easy to work with. The Kona one is such great quality and also super soft, like SO soft. I just wash it with gentle soap and use it over and over.





Thank you for reading today!

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