All of Your Hair Questions Answered | Q&A With My Stylist

Hey, beauties! Today I’m sharing a super informative post all about hair. I recently did a Q&A (with all of the questions I got from you guys) with my stylist Lindsi and I have to say I learned SO much and am totally inspired to take better care of my hair! Enjoy all the hair knowledge!

First, a little about Lindsi

I’m Lindsi and I have been in the cosmetology industry for 6 years! I was lucky enough to find The Rouge Salon & Spa when I was still in hair school, I started as a receptionist while I finished up school and then started the stylist training program and have been a stylist ever since!  My favorite part about doing hair is probably a traditional foil…I could foil hair all day long! I also just love seeing the transformation and simply making people feel good 🙂 I am an Aveda Certified Master Colorist and most of my hair care training is in Aveda as well, which is why most of my answers to your questions will be with Aveda products. I love Aveda all around! The way it works, the way the company cares about the environment and the community and NO ANIMAL TESTING! It’s good to know that what we are putting on our hair and our skin is naturally derived and actually good for us! Besides being a hairstylist, I have been married to my wonderful husband for 2 1/2 years. We have two dogs that we are obsessed with, we love going for nature walks, camping when the weather allows us to, trying new restaurants and especially just relaxing at home!

All of Your Hair Questions Answered | Q&A With My Stylist

Q: What do you do to my hair? Color, cut, etc.

  • For your hair color, we do a balayage foil with lightener. Since your hair is already majority blonde, we don’t lighten every single piece every time. This just helps keep it looking more dimensional, healthier and grow out more naturally!
  • We also do a toner at the shampoo bowl after your balayage as processed. The toner is what gives your hair the more icy/ashy/“Elsa Blonde” look. Toners don’t lighten your hair more, they just get rid of unwanted tone. In your case, the warmth/yellow tones are unwanted so the toner gets rid of that. Unfortunately, toners don’t last forever, so if you are wanting to keep that icy look, it’s essential to be using a good purple shampoo! My recommendations are the Matrix So Silver or the Watercolors Silver shampoo.
  • For your haircut, we usually just clean up the ends, sometimes an inch sometimes a couple inches depending on how long it’s feeling to you. We also just do a longer layer and some surface layers/slide cutting to give it more movement.

Q: How do you treat dry hair?

  • It depends on what is causing your dry hair. It can be caused by weather-related things, hair coloring, any hot tools, washing your hair too much, natural hair texture, etc.
  • If you have medium to coarse textured hair, it’s always a good idea to be using(or at least alternating in) a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. That is the start of your styling regimen so it’s so important to be using a good shamp/cond.
  • Make sure to always use a heat protectant when blow drying/straightening/curling. Hot tools can be drying to your hair, so anything to shield it is helpful.
  • A good oil to put on your dried hair helps to add and lock in moisture!
  • Aveda has an amazing line called Dry Remedy with a shampoo, conditioner, intensive treatment, and moisturizing oil. The moisturizing oil alone is one of my favorite products to use on my dry styled hair to complete the look, it adds 40% more moisture instantly.
  • Most salons also offer in-salon deep conditioning treatments. When you get one of these treatments in-salon it tends to be more concentrated than something you would take home and do yourself. Always take your stylist up on getting a deep conditioning treatment, they really work and they last longer than an at home treatment! At the Rouge specifically, we offer the Aveda Botanical Treatment, which is a concentrated spray that sits on for 5 mins, penetrates into the cortex of the hair, last for 4-6 weeks and leaves your hair feeling better instantly…you also get a relaxing hand massage while it’s sitting so how can you say no?!

Q: How do you treat & prevent damage?

  • Damage can be caused mechanically(heat styling) or chemically(coloring), it means a lack of protein.
  • To prevent damage from heat styling always use heat protection to shield your hair! Aveda has a wide variety of products with heat protection, their Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is going to be a great option to add protein to strengthen damaged hair and provide heat protection. The whole Damage Remedy like in fact will add protein to hair to keep it strong and balanced.
  • So basically make sure you are using the right products to add protein and protect it from heat damage!
  • However, if you are only using protein it can end up being too much of a good thing! Too much protein can cause a lack of moisture and cause brittle hair, you need an EQUAL amount of protein and moisture for truly healthy hair! I like to recommend alternating the Dry Remedy Conditioner and the Damage Remedy Conditioner to keep the hair balanced.
  • If your hair is too damaged, sometimes the only thing you can do it get a haircut. When a lot of damage has already been done, products can only fix so much…the only thing to get rid of split ends is cutting your hair!

Q: What do you recommend for postpartum hair & hair loss?

  • For postpartum hair loss, it’s almost inevitable that you are going to lose some hair, some women more than others. You want to make sure you are keeping the hair you have healthy and keeping the scalp well balanced to promote hair growth!
  • Aveda’s Invati Shampoo, Conditioner, and Scalp Revitalizer will help to maintain the hair you have, keep it healthy and thicker, keep you from finding hair in your shower drain and most importantly exfoliate the hair follicle to make it easier for hair to grow through! If your hair follicle is closed too tight, your hair will break off as it tries to push through, therefore not allow it to grow…
  • Once that hair does start to come back through, you have to KEEP IT HEALTHY, with the regimens we talked about above. An equal amount of protein and moisture and if you are someone who uses a lot of heat on those little flyaway baby hairs at your hairline, use HEAT PROTECTION!
  • Healthy & exfoliated scalp = healthy hair ☺️

Q: What do you recommend for oily scalp?

  • Overactive sebaceous glands cause an oily scalp, and just means you need some balance! Some people are just prone to having a more oily scalp.
  • It can actually be caused by washing your hair too often, when you shampoo away those natural oils, your scalp feels the need to overcompensate and overproduce natural oils, it’s difficult at first, but the less you wash your hair, you can train your scalp to stop producing so much oil and balance itself out.
  • Some people just have oily scalps. Aveda makes an amazing scalp cleanser called Pramasana. They created this a couple years ago to keep scalp and hair care separate for people who need it. It is a scalp cleanser, scalp masque and scalp concentrate to help balance the PH level of your scalp. It is meant for people with oily and dry scalp and just helps them to meet somewhere in the middle!
  • Dry shampoo is another option that would become your best friend! I love love love Aveda’s dry shampoo. It is a powder that actually smells good, makes your hair feel clean and really does get rid of any oil. I love it on clean hair for volume as well. It is my “can’t live without” product! Changed my life!

Q: What are your tips for volume?

  • Using the right products and blow drying your hair with a purpose with be huge if you want to maintain volume
  • Volumizing products that are right for your hair texture are key. You don’t want something too heavy because you will just end up being weighed down, but you want enough hold for it to grip to your hair and add texture. Root sprays, light mousse, light volumizing gel, texture sprays all applied to wet hair and blow dried are essential.
  • When blow drying your hair, make sure to blow your hair opposite of the way you want it to fall…bring the sides up, bring the back forward, too your head upside down, etc. If you are allowing your hair to air dry, it’s going to lay very limp, and can also make it more oily.
  • It also never hurts to throw in some backcombing in the crown and on the sides! That will help the volume stay through your day. The Aveda dry shampoo is excellent for backcombing, it adds just enough texture for hold!
  • You may also need to add some layers to your hair or have your stylist do some texturizing for those of you with heavy hair! If your hair is all one length and heavy it will be impossible for your hair to hold any volume!

Q: What do you recommend for frizz?

  • Smoothing products will be the main thing for getting rid of frizz. Smoothing products that go on wet hair that provide heat protection as well, will help keep the frizz down when blow drying.
  • Finishing products like pomades, sprays or oil type products are also good to use once your hair is all straightened/curled the way you want it to complete the look.
  • A lot of times when people struggle with frizz, they immediately think to add moisture or moisturizing oils. A lot of time those will make it more frizzy…think about when it is humid outside, a lot of peoples hair tends to get frizzy, curly and poof out…humidity is moisture! While moisture is good, it isn’t always the answer to frizz!
  • “Smoothing” is going to be the keyword you’re looking for when finding a good product to combat frizz! Aveda has an amazing smoothing line, Smooth Infusion. It is made up of a few different smoothing products, my favorite is definitely the Nourishing Styling Cream, it’s lightweight, good for all hair types and leaves your hair feeling amazing!

Q: How to get more body?

  • Adding body to your hair will be a lot of the same tips I told you for adding volume.
  • Volumizing mousse, root lifters, and gel make a huge difference before blow drying. Aveda’s Phomollient(styling foam), is a great lightweight product to give you and help you keep the body. Also, their Pure Abundance Style Prep spray is an easy product to spray in before you blow-dry to add some life to your hair.
  • Blow drying your hair with a purpose and making the hair go the direction you want it to, instead of just blowing everything straight down.
  • If your not someone who likes to have their hair perfectly curled all the time, even adding a few loose and messy curls helps give some fullness and body. Once my hair is curled, rather than backcombing at the base, I like to backcomb through my curls on the side just to keep it from all meshing together and falling
  • Even something as simple as adding a few baby lights or balayage highlights can make a huge difference! If you have completely virgin uncolored hair, a lot of times it can be so healthy and smooth that it hs no life. Highlights “rough it up” just enough to hold the body.

Q: What are your tips for dull hair?

  • Glossing/glaze/shine treatments at your salon. Most salons will call this something different, but it is a color glossing service. It can be applied like a toner, at the shampoo bowl and does not need to process for a long time. It is an easy service to add on to your next hair cut or foiling service!
  • This treatment does not alter the color of your hair, just adds great shine. I like to think of it as a top coat for your hair to keep it looking freshly done
  • If your hair is feeling dull, you might just need a new style, a new haircut or a fresh color…maybe you’re just in a slump and need a fresh start! Some fresh layering, texturizing or some highlights can help dull hair feel good again!

Thanks for reading! I hope you learned something! Let me know what tips you’re going to try in the comments!

And a special thanks to Lindsi for taking time to answer all of our questions, you’re the best!

x, T

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  1. These are great tips. I don’t have a stylist so I love hearing what professionals have to say 🙂

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