Are Your "Organic" Products Really Organic?

Are Your “Organic” Products Really Organic?

Hello, I hope you’re having a beautiful day! Today I’m talking about my favorite organic beauty brand, Nourish Organic. I got my very first Nourish Organic product in an Ipsy bag a long time ago and fell in love right away. It is so hard to find good products that are certified, USDA Organic. Are your “organic” products really organic? Make sure your organic products have the USDA organic seal of approval.
Are Your "Organic" Products Really Organic?
The first product I used was their face lotion which I have been obsessed with since. It’s a lightweight argan and rosewater moisturizer. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling moisturized but not “too much” for my combo skin.
I also got in a different Ipsy bag, their eye cream. I also love this product, it’s a super moisturizing avocado and argan oil eye cream. I put a tiny bit of this on before bed and I’m good to go! Also, their full sized product comes with a metal applicator tip to help with de-puffing.
I have used so many face cleansers that do such a great job of cleaning my face but also leaving me feeling dry. The Nourish Organic cucumber and watercress moisturizing face cleanser is the first one I’ve used that leaves my skin feeling super clean without being dry. This cleanser is fragrance-free and also has antioxidants & vitamins. I don’t see myself switching up cleansers for a long time.
The next product on my love-it list is their face toner. This is a spray (which I love) with rosewater and witch hazel. I prefer witch hazel over salicylic acid in my facial toners because my skin is sensitive to the salicylic acid when I use it everyday. I use this everyday and love it! It’s so refreshing, I’m kind of obsessed.
Their sweet orange and rosehip skin solve is a new beauty multitasker that smells like a dream. This cream-to-oil can be used on literally anything from hair to cuticles. This is truely a genius product and I just want to throw a bunch of mini’s in every bag I own. I have some severe dryness during the winter months so I am so excited to use this all winter long.
Their hand washes, body washes, and deodorant creams are all on my wishlist!
What are you go-to organic products?
Shop all Nourish Organic here.  Let me know if you have any questions!
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