August Ipsy Glam Bag Review

August Ipsy Glam Bag Review

August Ipsy Glam Bag Review
Hello! I hope you’re having a great Friday! Today I’m reviewing my August Ipsy bag. I was excited for this month’s bag because I saw the Perversion mascara in the preview, which has been on my wishlist!

Urban Decay Perversion, mascara

I love the brush, I am a very picky when it comes to mascara brushes. I usually go with 2 coats of mascara, and this did not get clumpy or flaky at all so I went with another coat! I just kept getting better and better. This is a small tube, which I hope will last until my wedding so I can use it! And after it runs out I will be getting the full sized one. This is my favorite Ipsy sample so far!

You’re the Balm by Absolute

 I got the grape flavor, which really takes me back to childhood, I must have had a similar one when I was younger. Scent is the sense most tied to memory you know! The balm comes in a cute tin, it has a few glitters (bonus), and it really moisturizes well. If I bought another it would definitely be in a different flavor though.

Dr. Brant pores no more, pore refiner/primer

I love pore refiners and I use the NYX brand almost everyday. This one is very similar to the NYX brand, it’s a light cream that can either go on over or under makeup. I like to use just a little over foundation but still under blush/contour/highlighting, that just works best for me and a little goes a long way! It leaves my skin really soft and does refine and smooth pores! I may or may not buy this again just because of price, because the NYX seems to work just as well for less.

Coastal Scents eye shadow

I got a sample pallet that I’m not likely going to use everyday but they are pretty colors. This eyeshadow is really pigmented and not powdery. I may purchase this brand again, but in more neutral colors.

Cali Cosmetics body creme

This has volcanic minerals and Sicilian lemons. I am not a fan of the scent, it is rather lemony. The creme itself is pretty thick, overall quality is good. I probably won’t buy this again, I just don’t love it.

This weekend we are having our bachelor/bachelorette parties, and we are SOOOO excited!


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