AUSSIEDOODLE – TOP 10 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Aussiedoodle

AUSSIEDOODLE – TOP 10 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Aussiedoodle

In this video I share Top 10 mistakes to avoid with your Aussiedoodle and things I wish I would have known. I love our Aussiedoodle and things I share are easy and good ways to see your dog (and you) hoppy and healthy.



Get them in the car right away to get used to it – don’t just drive to the vet with her, take them everywhere you can.


This is such a life saver with 2 kids. We use this all the time the only con is the battery doesn’t last very long.


Know ahead of time that puppies are probably going to get sick or a parasite/or something of the sorts. It’s very common and talk to your vet about the right steps to take. I just came across a tip on putting a teaspoon of ACV in their water everyday because it prevents worms in their digestive tract.


I make sure to brush her almost every single day and when we took her to the groomer for the first time they said we did a good job of maintaining her wavy hair.


COVID has made stuff like this a lot different but just get them in as soon as you can. The longer you wait and older they are the harder it is for them to adapt to getting groomed.


Train her more even as a puppy – they are very smart we don’t train her nearly enough, I feel like she does have a lot of potential for doing cool tricks.


Crate right away – we waited a week or two to crate her but we `hould have done it right away. We crate overnight and if we leave for a couple of hours during the day which is rare.


Buy high-quality toys – bark box does have the best toys. She hasn’t ripped any of them. I got one toy from Homegoods the other day and she tipped it within the first hour.


Some sort of washing station for the dog if you can – at the very least get a hand held sprayer for the shower. We do this and have a designated shower for her as well as a hose by the front door to spray her down if she gets dirty outside. 


Something that we have to change is our white sheets and comforter because they’re impossible to keep clean with Frankie.


Thanks for watching!

x, Torey and Frankie

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