Autumn Makeup Transitions

Autumn Makeup Transitions

Autumn Makeup Transitions

Hello, friends! I am so excited today to share my Autumn Makeup Transitions! I’ve been working on this collaboration for a while with my two friends, Ámbar from The Modest Fox who is covering the skincare for this collab & Kaitlynn over at Kaitlynn Cory covering Fall fashion. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and I get so excited to transition to fall makeup, skincare, and clothes! Today on B&B I’m sharing Autumn makeup transitions and make sure you click through to get all the skincare and fashion deets! I will link those posts at the end. xo Here is my Autumn makeup roundup; all the products, tips, and routines that I transition to once the leaves fall and temperature drops.


Foundation: Check your color and make sure it still matches your skin tone. If it’s a little too dark then go in and get color matched at your local Ulta/Sephora/etc. Since I have normal/combo skin I also love transitioning into a different formula foundation in the cooler months because I don’t get oily like in the summer. My favorite right now is the 
L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi
 because it gives me a healthy looking glow.

Concealer: Same as with your foundation, check the shade and make sure it still matches. I absolutely love the
Maybelline Dream Lumi
 concealer, I’ve been using it all summer and don’t plan on switching it up.

Bronzer: I like to really play up my bronzers in the fall. My looks are a little darker overall so I find myself using more bronzers. I also like using them more in the fall to make it look like I’m keeping my summer glow. There are so many good ones that I love playing around with but I find myself always going back to this Too Faced bronzer (for a perfect contour)and this Pixi bronzer (for a little more glow).

Cheeks: Blush is not something I wear every day but I do like more of a mauve or rosy blush for fall rather than a pink or coral. What’s your favorite fall blush? I have a nice mauve blush from City Color in the shade Papaya that I love.

Highlight: Ahhh the highlighter, this is a year-round love of mine. In the fall months, I like to wear a lot of champagne and gold highlighters. My go-to is an older highlighter by H&M (before their makeup got a revamp). I’m pretty sure it’s this one, but again, they got all new makeup and packaging so I’m not 100% sure. The beloved Becca/Jaclyn champagne pop would be a perfect one as well, though.


My brow routine stays pretty much the same all year round. I transition my shade from a blonde/light shade to a taupe or dark blonde. I like using a spooly brush and a skinny pencil like this one from Chella. Using a clear brow gel is perfect on lazy days.


I’ve been loving some darker shades for fall since all I wore this summer was my Maybelline color tattoo in barely branded (super easy and long wearing). I love a pretty bronze and gold look, a burnt orange and brown look, and a good cranberry with some sparkle. If you want to see a fall eye look post, comment below! I can do either a drugstore or high-end/prestige brand tutorial!


My favorite part of doing fall makeup looks, fall lip color! I am so in love with changing over to fall shades & I will be doing a fall lip post soon as well. There is something so exciting about darker berries and mauves. A couple of my all time favs are Mellow Cosmetics Creamy Matte lipstick in nude and Lorac Alter Ego lipstick in CEO. Look for the upcoming lip post!


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Let me know if you liked this link-up/collab and we will do it again! Make sure you leave a comment below and also on the other posts and show them some love! I’m so glad you’re here, stay awhile! xo


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