B&B Makeup Blending Sponges | Tutorial & Tips

B&B Makeup Blending Sponges | Tutorial & TipsB&B Makeup Blending Sponges | Tutorial & Tips B&B Makeup Blending Sponges | Tutorial & Tips B&B Makeup Blending Sponges | Tutorial & Tips

Hello!!! I am so excited to finally share the launch of our makeup blending sponges with you guys! If you haven’t noticed I’ve used these blenders in a ton of videos lately (you can watch them on YouTube right here). I decided on a sponge set so you have all you need for your whole face and I’ve been testing them out for awhile now to make sure that they are uhhhhmazing. It was a long but fun process and now I’m sharing some deets, tips, and a tutorial on using them. I use a makeup blender every day, it’s my favorite way to apply my makeup! They are now available on Amazon to shop, a perfect Christmas gift if you ask me. 🙂


The sponges are latex-free, super durable ( I’ve used other sponges that rip and crumble after washing them a few times and you will not get that with these) and easy to clean. I chose the black color because they don’t look as gross and dingy when they do get makeup stained (you still need to clean them every 1-3 uses). There are two in the pack because I love using the mini sponge to blend my concealer and highlighter. We went with the classic teardrop shape because the pointed tip is good for getting in small areas and the round end is great for blending all over.


→ Always use your blenders damp

→ Clean your blenders every 1-3 uses with mild soap (I use baby soap)

→ Bounce the blender to blend your makeup (don’t drag the sponge around)

→ Use the rounded end for all over your face and the pointed tip for around your eyes around your nose

→ Use the small sponge around your eyes and nose are (where the larger one is harder to get to)

→ You can use the sponges to apply powder as well


Thanks for reading and watching today!
Xx, T

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