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Okay, so first a little bit about my hair because not all hair is the same and not all products work for all hair types. I have thick and medium (strands) hair. So my biggest problem is frizz and dryness. If I don’t use a hydrating shampoo/conditioner then I have dry and dull hair. Then comes the other problem, finding shampoo and conditioner that is hydrating but doesn’t leave my hair heavy and oily within hours. My ideal/perfect hair situation: soft, healthy hair with body.

I got some samples of Renpure in the mail recently and before receiving them I had never tried the brand at all. The black label coconut line is uhh-maizing. I don’t do first impressions that often because I like to use the products for awhile before I say anything about them but with this line, it was love at first sight, then at first use lol. I have the coconut milk shampoo and conditioner which is literally amazing, I have a short clip/vid of my hair after just using it about 3 times. I also have a leave-in conditioner and a replenishment spray, I’ll review them all below!




The shampoo lubricates your hair with coconut oil to protect and smooth your strands.


The conditioner leaves my hair so soft and easy to comb through (something I look for). It doesn’t weigh my hair down and I still have a ton of body. It smells so so good, if you don’t like coconut it’s not for you though because it is pretty fragrant.

Leave-In Conditioner

I need something to put in my hair after washing and conditioning to tame the frizz and smooth my hair. I’ve always had a hard time finding something that would smooth my hair without feeling gross or heavy. This is so good, my hair is smooth and soft and doesn’t feel heavy at all. It feels really silky and the shine has definitely improved.

Replenishing Treatment Mist

This is an awesome boost of moisture and heat protectant! It’s a lightweight leave-in treatment that helps with frizz and split ends. These products seriously do some like super power frizz control/shine/beautifying. I used this in a video I did the other day, you can watch it here >>

Have you tried Renpure? Share your favorite products in the comments!


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