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best sunscreen for face + summer skincare favorites

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best sunscreen for face + summer skincare favorites best sunscreen for face + summer skincare favorites

Hello, friends! Today I’m sharing my favorite skincare products for summertime. I always change my skincare for the seasons because so many things change like the weather, activities, etc so it’s important to stay up on your skincare game. These have been my long time skincare go-to’s nothing new or trendy today, just good skincare that works.

best sunscreen for face + summer skincare favorites


The Crystal Clarity Scrub is like a microderm scrub and gentle enough for almost all skin types. It leaves my skin super soft. I use it 1-2 times a week.


I love that the Visibly Moist Toner has a spray top, it’s perfect for travel. I keep one in my purse to freshen up throughout the day during the summer.


This Total Antioxidant Facial Serum is loaded with Vitamin C and has tiny little capsules of it that burst open into your skin as you apply it. Antioxidants are super important for skin and this is such a velvety smooth luxe serum.


This is hands down my favorite sunscreen for face. It’s SPF 44, tinted, has hyaluronic acid, and leaves a nice glow.


The Soothing Gel Mask is amazing for after sun exposure. It’s cooling and soothing, you don’t want to go another summer without it.


This one is like a skincare and makeup product all in one. You can use it under makeup or just alone to stay oil-free. It’s perfect for oily skin or summertime.


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  1. They seem like such a great brand to work with! I’ve wanted to try their Baobab for a long time.

  2. I have been using their eye and vitamin c serum for a while now, and my skin is so soft. Great stuff!

    1. They are all safe and nontoxic. You can look up specific ingredients on skincarisma.com. They are my favorite skincare brand! All of their products are also noncomedogenic so they don’t clog pores, and they have products specifically for acne prone skin

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