Body Mousse Uses | Repurposing Beauty Barlour Jars

Body Mousse Uses | Repurposing Beauty Barlour Jars

Body Mousse Uses | Repurposing Beauty Barlour Jars

Hi, guys! I hope you had a good week and have a lot of fun weekend plans! I’ve talked about Beauty Barlour before here, but today I’m sharing the different ways you can use their mousses and then ways to repurpose your violet glass jars after the mousse is gone.

About Beauty Barlour

They are a vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty-free brand based in Canada. All of their mousses are handmade in Canada and I’m a huge fan of the lovely brand. They also use awesome violet glass jars which not only protect your product from light but are also better for the environment and are fun to repurpose!

Mousse Uses

I want to share the different uses of the mousse besides just using it as your moisturizer because there are so much more ways to incorporate them into your routines.

  • lip scrub: mix with sugar and/or salt to make a DIY scrub for lips, body, and feet
  • cuticle oil: just rub a bit of mousse into your cuticles and all over your nails
  • hair oil: rub a little bit of mousse on your fingertips and apply to the ends of your hair
  • hair mask: apply the mousse all over your hair, leave your hair in a braid overnight then wash out in the morning
  • undereye moisturizer: dab a tiny bit around your orbital bone for under eye moisture
  • bath oil: drop some lavender mousse into your bath, it will melt and soften your skin as you take a relaxing bath
  • aromatherapy
  • preventing stretch marks: Beauty Barlour mousses have vitamin e, an essential in preventing stretch marks while pregnant
  • eye makeup remover: melt some mousse in your hands and gently massage all over your face to remove makeup before cleansing your skin
  • lip balm: apply some mousse on your lips for moisture in a pinch
  • shave cream: apply the mousse all over your legs and then shave, your skin will be super smooth after

Ways to Repurpose the violet jars

    • sewing/crafting organization
    • DIY candle holder/tealight holder
    • store lotion/DIY scrubs
    • planter for new seeds or for succulents
    • purse storage; pills, hair ties, bobby pins, etc
    • bathroom storage; Q-tips, cotton rounds, sponges etc
    • makeup brush storage
    • change jar for laundry room


You can shop all the flavours here! Make sure to use code TOREY15 for a discount and let me know if you have any questions or recommendations.

Thanks so much for reading today.

Xx, T

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