Choosing a Good Diffuser For Your Home | Guest Post

Choosing a Good Diffuser For Your Home | Guest PostChoosing a Good Diffuser For Your Home

Essential oil diffusers can add beauty, aromatherapy, and a dose of zen for your home. But they’re not all the same, so it’s important to consider which essential oil diffuser will be the best choice for your needs.

What Essential Oil Diffusers Can Do

Essential oil diffusers release oils into the air throughout your room. When you inhale essential oils, your brain is stimulated and can react to the essential oils. Different oils have different effects. For example, eucalyptus could help with congestion, lavender can make your room feel more soothing and relaxing, and citrus oils could help freshen and clean the air.

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

Generally, ultrasonic diffusers are the most common type of essential oil diffuser, but nebulizing diffusers can be used, too. Typically, you’ll want to get an essential oil diffuser that doesn’t use heat, since heat can have a negative effect on essential oils. With an ultrasonic diffuser, electronic frequencies vibrate quickly to break down essential oils into the air as a mist.

A nebulizing diffuser works differently, vaporizing the oil before it’s released. You’ll get a more intense fragrance, but this type is generally more expensive and can be fragile since they’re made of glass.

Other types of diffusers may be less safe and effective, specifically those that use heat to diffuse oils. So you’ll want to avoid steam, candle, or hot plate diffusers.

Features You Should Look For In Your Diffuser

Take care when choosing a diffuser, looking for the features that will be the most helpful for you. Generally, the most important features will be easy cleaning, effectively diffusing the oils, and a timer built-in.

It should be easy to take the diffuser apart, so you can rinse, wipe down, and clean your diffuser regularly. Remember, you’re breathing in what the diffuser puts out, so it’s important to clean it often. The right diffuser will make it easy.

A built-in timer is important as well. Usually, you’ll get enough fragrance in your room within the first 10 to 15 minutes, so a diffuser can cycle on and off for 10 or 15 minutes at a time. And it should automatically turn off either after a certain number of hours, or when the water in the reservoir runs out.

Looks matter, too. You’ll want to keep your diffuser somewhere convenient and accessible, and often that means it will be out in the open. So you should look for a diffuser that’s aesthetically pleasing. Many offer sleek, modern looks and the ability to set lighting options that can make for a more calming atmosphere.

Additionally, look for a diffuser that comes with a solid manufacturer’s warranty. While you’d hope that your diffuser will hold up over time, that’s not always the case, and you want to make sure the manufacturer will stand by their work.

Want to choose the best essential oil diffuser for your needs? Look at both function and design to make sure you’re choosing a diffuser that will be appropriate for you.

Susan Austin is a family research specialist with Family Living Today. A mother of three and small business owner in Texas, Austin spends her days juggling work and family life — sometimes expertly, sometimes not.

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  1. I love the diffusers that YL offers, but I also have two really great ones that I got from a friend at my bridal shower last year, and they’re from Amazon. It definitely is good to have a list of what’s important!

  2. Good to know! I don’t have a problem choosing diffusers, but I do have a hard time finding a nice essential oil. Sometimes the smell is just too much for me. Gotta keep trying different ones. Thanks for sharing!

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