Clinique Sonic Brush Update

Clinique Sonic Brush Update
I have had the Clinique sonic brush for about 6 weeks now so I wanted to check in and give you an updated review on it!
First of all I absolutely love it, still. My face is a lot softer and overall the texture is much better.

Battery Life

I just had to charge it again, so with two of us using it every day, the battery did last about 6 full weeks which I was impressed with.


I use the brush morning and night and haven’t had any sensitivities to using it the full 60 seconds each time.


The Clinique foaming sonic facial soap is beyond amazing as well. Between a pea and a dime-sized amount is all you need and it foams so nicely and stays with the brush and on your face. My face feels squeaky clean without being dried out. They have really created the perfect cleanser for the brush.

Brush Head

I still love the shape of the brush, it’s so easy to get all the areas of the face (and so gentle!). I really want to try the newer brush head designed for acne deeper cleansing but my Ulta has been out of it, I will be purchasing it when we get it in though!
I highly recommend this sonic brush, and especially to anyone with sensitive skin that wants a deep clean.
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