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So, I’m sure you’ve been hearing all about color correcting and seeing all of the new, and quite cute if I might add, color correcting products. The question is, what the heck do we do with them? From pink to purple, to green to yellow, color correcting concealers can be confusing. When I am confused about something or overwhelmed by products (not relating to beauty) I tend to just avoid them. So I am here to help you decode color correcting so you can benefit from it!

Let’s Start Here

Concealers are for concealing (duh Torey). So color correcting concealers are made to neutralize different tones/discoloration in your skin and conceal.

The color wheel should be used when determining what colors to use.

  1. First, figure out what colors in your skin tone you want to correct.
  2. Then choose the opposite color on the color wheel to neutralize/correct/cancel out that color.
  3. So the color of concealer you need is that opposite color (e.g. green concealer for canceling out redness, etc.)

Primers for this purpose have been around for awhile, concealer brands have just taken it to the next level and created more pigmented product aka concealer to cover these problem areas.

The Most Popular Color Correctors

  • Purple/Lavender to help balance out yellowness/dullness.
  • Green to balance out redness and veins.
  • Yellow to balance out purple/blue dark circles.
  • Peach/Pink to balance out blue/green dark circles (pink and peach work better on lighter skin tones).
  • Orange/Red to balance out blue dark circles (works better on darker skin tones).


Try These

For an inexpensive way to try color correcting, try this one by NYX.

For a more luxurious one, try these by Urban Decay or this beautiful one by Tarte.


Have you tried color correcting? What’s your favorite brand?

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