How To Cover Redness +Glow with Becca

How To Cover Redness +Glow with Becca How To Cover Redness +Glow with BeccaHey guys! I was such a slacker getting this post up, it’s like 530 pm and it was supposed to go live this morning. I filmed a look that I have been doing lately so wanted to share. I have been obsessed with the Becca luminous skin kit which is the backlight primer, blush and highlighter. It makes me feel I’m living in the summer (when really it’s like 30 degrees outside). I show all the products below in the video and you can shop everything below that in the shop section.

How To Cover Redness +Glow with Becca

How To Cover Redness

For some reason I have had a lot of redness lately which made me search my archives for a solution. I’ve found this YSl color correcting pen to work best for me. The key is to use it lightly and blend really well, you can also layer it and it doesn’t get chalky. Always use color correctors before any other product like foundation or concealer.

How To Glow

I love the backlight primer, it gives a nice subtle glow all over. The highlighter is in the shade opal and it g l o w s, so start out light with it. The blush is gorgeous and I also use it very lightly. I like using the brush in the video because it doesn’t load up a ton of product like a short dense brush would and it applies it very lightly. I use a light sweeping motion to apply it and I blended it out with a huge fluffy brush. Becca can do no wrong, seriously, so good.



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Thanks for reading & watching!

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  1. I am going to have to try out these Becca products. I have a lot of redness in the winter that I need to cover! Awesome post!

  2. This post was so helpful! I have a lot of redness so need anything that will cover it up, especially on days where I don’t want to wear a full face of makeup!

  3. You look gorgeous! I honestly didn’t even notice your redness prior to the makeup. You have the prettiest skin! Thanks for sharing your tips though!

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