Custom Skincare? Yes Please +Giveaway

Custom Skincare? Yes Please +GiveawayCustom Skincare? Yes Please +Giveaway Custom Skincare? Yes Please +Giveaway Custom Skincare? Yes Please +Giveaway Custom Skincare? Yes Please +Giveaway Custom Skincare? Yes Please +Giveaway
Hello, friends! I know most of you don’t feel the same but I love Mondays and the fresh start they bring. So I’ve been using a new brand for awhile now and have been patiently waiting to share my full review and thoughts! I wanted to make sure I loved the products after using them for a few weeks rather than just my first impressions! The brand is Activist and I’ve been using two custom serums, here is my review! Custom skincare? YES PLEASE!

Activist Skincare | A Little About the Brand

“We believe that your skin is as unique as you are, and it deserves to be treated like an individual.” Activist creates custom skincare serums for exactly your skin type in batches of one. They don’t believe in using fillers or “one size fits all” skincare products. They also donate 5% of sales to charity, which I think is truly awesome and they are also vegan, cruelty-free, and green. Overall, Activist is a luxe skincare brand that I’m so glad I’ve found and feel lucky to have partnered with.

How It Works

You go to their website here. Then decide whether you want the hyaluronic acid serum which is essential to skin cell growth, repair and hydration, the precious oils serum which helps skin maintain a healthy lipid barrier against damage, or you have the option to order both serums. I have and recommend getting both so you have two custom serums packed full of different skin loving ingredients just for you. I also love having the two because I have one for morning and nighttime, to go with both of my routines. Once you decide what one you want to order you take a short questionnaire about your skin, this will help them determine what your custom ingredients will be (aka the exciting part). Once you receive your serums you will get a card as well that explains everything. The card lists your original questionnaire, your skin objectives, and then your personalized active ingredients and what they do. I really liked the card, it was very professional and made me feel really personally taken care of.

My Serums & Use

I want to share my serums to give you an example of what one would look like. My skin objectives are to lighten dark spots, reduce redness and inflammation, and control congestion and occasional acne breakouts. My hyaluronic acid serum has niacinamide, licorice root extract, and lotus extract. My precious oils serum has bisabolol, alpha-hydroxy blend, and coenzyme Q10. I could go over all of those but to make it short and sweet they are all things that are going to correct and help with the objectives listed above. And they have been, I have seen a dramatic difference in the dark spots I had, my face is healthy and plump/hydrated, and I haven’t had a breakout since using them (I say this because some people do tend to associate oils with breaking out). So you use these like any other serum, after cleansing and before moisturizing. The glass jars come with a dropper so you just take about half a dropper full and apply it all over your face and neck. I use the hyaluronic serum after cleansing in the morning. It’s a fast absorbing serum perfect for wearing under makeup. I use the precious oils serum at night after I wash my face for the day. It’s more of an oil/serum texture and is very soothing.

Shop | See For Yourself

Again you can shop and check out Activist’s website HERE. Right now until April 6 use code B&B20 to get 20 percent off your serums. After that the discount drops to 10% so save some moolah while you can!

You guys, if I haven’t stressed it enough the biggest takeaway should be that these are custom to you. You aren’t going to get another product to work for you in the way a custom serum is going to. I say that too because they are in fact serums, which are the skincare products that are potent in their active ingredients made to penetrate your skin and do the most work versus a cleanser or moisturizer. Serums are corrective products, I can write an entire post on serums and their effectiveness if you would like, just let me know in the comments!

I also can’t share my full review without raving about the packaging. I am obsessed with the boxing, the labels, and the glass bottles the serums come in. I keep them out on my bathroom counter (mainly because I use them often) but because they are so pretty and perfectly my style. The pictures speak for themselves.


As mentioned I have a giveaway for one lucky reader! You will get to order your custom serums to try for yourself! Just follow the rules below, I will announce the winner on Instagram on Friday, April 7!

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I hope I didn’t bore you with all the small details and rambling but I am super passionate about skincare and have been in love with my serums and Activist as a brand. Let me know your thoughts on these in the comments! Have you ever tried custom skincare products? How did it go?

Have a wonderful day,

Xx, T

Thank you to Activist Skincare for collaborating with me on this post.

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  1. I love trying new skin care lines and this one sounds like an effective line, thanks for the chance!
    I have entered the giveaway!
    IG: cocoa36heart

  2. Two serums DOES sound better than one! However, I can tell how passionate you are about the Activist brand and I’d love to try either serum. Entered and excited to have found your blog!

  3. I follow you on Instagram and had to check out your post on this skincare brand. I love skincare and this brand seems really nice! I followed your rules for the giveaway! Xoxo

  4. I really like the concept of the personalized ingredients to achieve your desired results! I’ve entered for the giveaway ?

  5. Ooh I love the sound of custom skincare! Even better with an Eco conscious brand!! ?? IG: jolenej1030

  6. This sounds soo good! I subscribed, and followed both IG accounts (my username is ceriduin, my profile’s private, hope that’s ok)

  7. Entered! Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

    Instagram: @norma_watson

  8. Ohhhh yes I finally found the time to enter! I’m so excited for this! I hope I get to try it! I feel as though the world is moving into more personalised care. There is personalized medicine, so why not personalised skin care? Way too excited! I have entered and my IG is: @thebeautyandthegeekau


  9. A great giveway .Just entered . Can’t wait to discover Activist Skincare.

    Instagram: @keyaaniscorner

  10. A great giveway .Just entered . Can’t wait to discover Activist Skincare.

    Instagram: @keyaaniscorner

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