Dry January 2023 & Non-Alcoholic Substitutes

Dry January 2023 & Non-Alcoholic Substitutes

Dry January 2023 & Non-Alcoholic Substitutes

Hey, friends! Today I’m sharing a whole post on Dry January: why we do it and what we drink instead. We started Dry January last year to get a good reset going into the new year. And honestly, we did an alcohol and sugar reset because let’s be honest, we eat so much sugar and drink so much more around the holidays. It feels way better this year going into the new year already having our workout routines established (because last year we did not) so adding in Dry Jan is going to be fun. I have been seeing this all over and it just hits home for me “we think we have our priorities straight in our lives until we lose our health then we realize that was the only important thing to begin with” or something along those lines. If we don’t have our health then what do we have? (well, still obviously Jesus but that’s about it) With ALL of that being said, here are some good tips and non-alcoholic drink options to spice up and help you with being more intentional for Dry January 2023.

Possible Benefits

  • better sleep
  • lower blood pressure & heart rate
  • better immune system
  • more energy
  • more hydrated
  • better gut health
  • feel less bloated
  • saving money


  • find non-alcoholic substitues
  • meditation
  • do it with friends or spouse
  • join groups on FB
  • get the Try Dry app
  • listen to dry podcasts

Non-Alcoholic Substitutes

Thanks for stopping by! Are you doing Dry January?

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