ExfoliMATE Body Cloth

ExfoliMATE Body Cloth
I am really excited to share this product with you because I have had such bad issues with back acne since being pregnant (gross I know, but it’s real). So when I saw this loofah/body scrubbing cloth made for the hard to reach spots like your back I was so happy! I’ve seen loofahs and back scrubbers in stores before but they look scary and scratchy. 
This ExfoliMATE Body Cloth is like a loofah pouf but a little more gentle and about 3 feet long so you can use it to reach your shoulders and back. Exfoliation is an important step in your beauty routine to get fresh new glowing skin, you need to exfoliate your whole body.
I use this with my body wash/acne wash in the shower and moisturize after. My skin is softer and the acne is definitely clearing up.
I also got to try their lip balm. It’s green apple and smells delicious, it is also natural and made with coconut oil and shea butter.
What do you use to exfoliate hard to reach areas? You can shop the ExfoliMATE here.

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