Fall Makeup Rotation


Hello, everyone! Thanks for reading today, we’re talking all about fall makeup so what I’ve been using and rotating for the past few weeks. I wrote a post actually in collaboration with two other lovely bloggers here, it’s all about transitioning into fall so make sure you read that one too if you haven’t already. Alright so let’s get to it!


Primer: I have been loving a glowing radiant look so I’ve been using the backlit priming filter by Becca. You can look at it here. It just gives a natural healthy glow without being sparkly or glittery.

Foundation: You’ve probably heard me talk about this BB cream from Pur~lisse like a billion times, but I love it. They actually just came out with a new and improved formula that I’m excited to try after mine runs out. I also love this as my foundation because it has SPF, it’s a light-medium coverage so I can go over it with a powder to set it without it being too much, and it leaves my skin looking healthy and radiant, it has a beautiful finish. I’ve also been rotating in my new drugstore foundation obsession, the Loreal true match lumi healthy luminous makeup. I can only use this one in the fall and winter months because I do get just a tad bit oily in the warm months and this is not for oily skin.

Highlighter: The last thing in the face makeup category are the highlighters that I’ve been obsessed with, the Algenist illuminating drops. These can be used alone as a subtle highlight or mixed into your primer or foundation to add a glowing luminous finish. You can shop those here, I also plan on doing  a full review/tutorial on those as well.


I don’t wear a ton of liner and shadows so I’m just going to share the mascaras and brow products I’ve been using. My fave brow pencil just ran out and I’m so so sad! I will be re-ordering it asap. It was the

Brows: I’ve been using the em cosmetics brow pencil in shade ash blonde. I loved this pencil because it’s a smooth skinny pencil and has a soft spooly brush for blending and combing.

Mascaras: My mascaras that I can’t get enough of are this one by it cosmetics, it’s a great lengthening mascara. I also have, dare I say, a new fave mascara? I have been loving the Pixi lengthy fiber mascara, it’s an amazing formula that doesn’t get dry and flaky, it has a soft-bristled curling wand which I love, it really lengthens my lashes but makes them look natural, and it holds a curl (there’s nothing more that I could ask for really). You guys if you only try one thing from this post it would be that mascara!


Okay lips, I thought I’d be really all about the dark colors, and I have a little, but most of the time I have been wearing nude shades. Here is my favorite by Mellow, and here is my fave by Bare Minerals in my current rotation. I’m all about the long lasting matte colors and the moisturizing lippies.

Let me know if you want me to do a hair, nails & skincare edition of this post, I’d love to!

I hope you have the best week!

Xx, T

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