February Essential Rewards Order | 2020

February Essential Rewards Order | 2020

Watch us open our February Essential Rewards order! I’m trying a few new things this month and I am so excited!

About Essential Rewards

If you aren’t on Essential Rewards (ER) yet here are some things I love about it.

+ every month you choose what you need in your box

+ you pick the day you want it to process

+ you get points back every month ranging from 10%-25%

+ I’m currently getting 20% back (almost at the 25% rank)

+ you get gifts at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of being on ER

+ every month Young Living has ER promos aka FREE stuff

+ ER makes creating a nontoxic home super easy

+ every month it’s like Christmas when my order comes

+ basically I’m just obsessed and it’s the best thing we’ve ever done

Think it’s not in the budget? Swap some monthly purchases from Amazon and Target. Your hormones, allergies, and mood will thank you.


DM me on Instagram with any questions or click here to buy your kit http://bit.ly/toreynoora

More information on oils is also right here http://toreynoora.com/oil-links

Thanks for watching! What did you get this month?

x, T

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