Flying with Toddlers 101 + Why we love GRR

Thanks to GRR for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own. 

Hi friends! As you know, we love flying GRR so this year I wanted to film a quick video on how we go through the airport and highlight some of our favorite things. We usually go on one long trip like this a year and today I’m also sharing some tips on flying with toddlers. It’s not super hard if you’re prepared so packing and prepping are key.

Flying with Toddlers 101 + Why we love GRR

Flying Tips

  • start the flight with a meal so you can kill some time and keep them busy for a while, you can either pack it or pick something up in the airport.
  • download movies and shows onto your phone or tablet // so you don’t have to spend money on the plane’s wifi
  • oils, oils, oils. I cover myself in valor and douse the kids in peace and calming. I also bring our Thieves roller and apply it multiple times and wipe everything down with Thieves wipes as soon as we sit down in our seats. Click here to shop oils. Lastly, I keep my Füm filled with peppermint to support energy. Click here to shop Füm (my essential oil inhaler)
  • pack a good variety of snacks, we love smarties

About GRR

  • Super easy parking garage // or shuttles right to the door from the regular parking lot. We just park in the parking garage because it’s super close and convenient but you can also park in the huge lot and get a shuttle ride in.
  • They have play areas before and after security. Emery loved that and she got a couple of free coloring books there too!
  • Starbucks (#butfirstcoffee) This is just an essential, right?
  • Nursing rooms for breastfeeding + pumping mamas. This was so nice and it makes me so happy to see businesses doing this.
  • Family restrooms. Any other girl-mamas hate when places don’t have these especially for dads taking girls to go potty? Thank you GRR!
  • Free wifi
  • Charging stations galore. I’m always in need of a charge, anyone else?
  • Water bottle fill-up stations. This was really nice since we can’t bring a full water bottle through security. *Tip: Check if you aren’t sure of what you can bring with you on the plane.
  • “Free Little Library” program
  • They have an app! This makes it super easy to check flights and TSA wait times.

Do you like to travel with kids? Share your tips in the comments!

Thanks for reading + watching Flying with Toddlers 101 + Why we love GRR.

Have a great day

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  1. Oh my gosh, they are just too cute!! These are such great tips! I always love the parents who have everything so streamlined! I feel like the kids get less stressed out or fussy too!

  2. Such great tips! GRR sounds amazing like an amazing option with toddlers! I personally don’t have children but I will pass this along to my mommy friends!

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