Friday Fav: Algenist Reveal Color Correcting Drops

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Hello everyone, thanks for reading today. I just got a bunch of goodies from Algenist and I want to talk about the product that stood out the most to me as soon as I opened the package as well as my favorite product after using them for awhile now.


Algenist is a pretty well-known prestige skincare brand you can find at your Ulta or Sephora. They focus on anti-aging products and use innovations from microalgae. You can read more about the brand here. Overall: a high-quality skincare brand, no bad stuff like parabens or sulfates, and very nice packaging.

Reveal Color Correcting Drops

You know that liquid illuminating drops you can add to anything to make your skin glow? Well, this is like that but to neutralize redness!

Reveal is a liquid formula with a dropper applicator. You use the dropper to add a few drops of the product to any skincare or makeup product. I love adding the drops to my moisturizer, primer, foundation, and concealer. It turns any of those products into a color correcting product for redness, genius right!?

Everyone has a little redness, so this product can be used by anyone. I just love how versatile it is.

I did a whole color correcting post here, where I go over everything about using color correcting concealers which seem to be all the buzz right now.

Overall Thoughts

So overall, I give this product a 10/10. You can get a small bottle for only $20 which will last you a long time, as I mentioned above, you literally only use a couple of drops each time. These color correcting drops also come in blue, apricot and pink (you can read about what color corrects what here and here). If you want to get into color correcting all over your face I would get the Discovery Kit which has all 4 of the colors for just $65.


You can also use the drops alone for targeted color correction.


How do you feel about color correcting? What’s questions do you have about these color correcting drops?

Xx, T

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