FRIDAY FAV: Mario Badescu Facial Spray

FRIDAY FAV: Mario Badescu Facial Spray

FRIDAY FAV: Mario Badescu Facial Spray
Today’s Friday Fav is the +Mario Badescu Skin Care Facial Spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater.
Obvi I love this if it’s my Friday favorite, but I love it so much that I’m sad I haven’t discovered facial sprays sooner. The spray comes out nice and light, smells like roses which I loveee, and leaves my skin hydrated and super soft. You can spray it on your hair, face, & skin throughout the day or use it to set your makeup also!
I love the idea of having it in place of my regular moisturizer during the summer months or after a long day at the beach (I just got really excited about that)! Another thing I’m loving is the price tag, you can find it here.
Want to check out some more Friday Favs? Here’s one on a sugar scrub & an all over blush stick.
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

2 thoughts on “FRIDAY FAV: Mario Badescu Facial Spray

  • Face mists are the best during the hot months! There is nothing more refreshing! Last summer I carried around an Avene Thermal Water in my purse and would mist at random. It was really nice when I'd have to get into my car after it'd been roasting in the parking lot all day. Oh and I wanted to thank you for the Ulta Beauty Smoothie scrub recommendation! I bought the scrub and the matching shower gel and YUM!!!! Buttercream Cupcakes 4 life! The scrub is awesome too! Nice and abrasive, none of this wimpy "scrub" with hardly any exfoliants in it. Thanks, T!

  • I'm so excited to have this in my purse for hot days, I can image you use them a lot more down where you actually get a full summer. We get a couple of months of warm, only a few days of hot hot 🙁
    ANYways I'm so glad you love the scrub!!! I keep wanting to try other scents but can't abandon my Buttercream Cupcake!
    Thanks for the comment : )

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