Friday Fav: SimySkin Hydrating & Nourishing Moisturizer

Friday Fav: SimySkin Hydrating & Nourishing Moisturizer
Hello! & Happy Friday! I’m so glad you stopped by. Today I am sharing another Friday Fav, SimySkin’s hydrating & nourishing moisturizer. It is a product that I won in their giveaway on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, so thanks again SimySkin! It is lightweight yet really moisturizing and leaves my skin super soft with a nice glow, not shine. I use this on my face and also the back of my hands! It is for sensitive skin, and is paraben free. The two ingredients that I love that it has are hyaluronic acid which boosts the skins moisture barrier and Vitamin C which has antioxidants and helps repair your skin from pollutants and sun damage.
Why I love the brand: They have skincare lines for different, 18-25, 25-45, and 45+, which is nice because not all ingredients are good for all ages. Check out SimySkin here!
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