Friday Favorite: The Best Concealer for Breakouts

Friday Favorite: The Best Concealer for Breakouts


Hate when you break out right before something important? Yea, me too, luckily I have some tried and true tips and products to help!

One thing that bothered me all week was a terrible cystic acne breakout (those super big-painful-underneath the skin breakouts). I don’t generally get these anymore since using my sonic brush and washing my face every.single.morning & night but I do still get the occasional one. I find that when I do break out the hardest thing is to leave it alone and just letting the products do the work. I have a whole post on preventing, treating & covering breakouts as well.

Boo-Boo Cover-Up

My Friday favorite is my favorite concealer for covering and treating breakouts, Boo Boo Coverup. I think I got it in an Ipsy bag a long time ago. Since I just use it for times like this it has lasted a really long time. I love it because it has tea tree oil so it actually heals the acne. Tea tree oil is by far my favorite way to heal acne because it also helps heal the scars left from picking at breakouts. You can also use Boo-Boo Cover-Up on bug bites, bruises, scars, etc. Their website talks about all the other ingredients like aloe to also help heal, green tea to repair skin, and others. You can read about their healing ingredients here.


Start with a tiny amount and dab on and around the area very lightly. Let it dry completely, then apply foundation. If you can still see the redness around the area after that dab a tiny bit more on and around the area. Don’t rub it in, and pat/dab gently.

What is your go-to routine when a breakout happens? Share your favorite remedies and products in the comments!


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Xx, T

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