Friday Five | 5 Products for Dry Hands

Friday Five | 5 Products for Dry Hands


Hello! With all the hand washing comes all the hand healing products for dry cracked skin am I right? Here are my top 5, click on any title to shop.

Friday Five | 5 Products for Dry Hands

  1. Shea Terra Whipped Body Cream // this is made with 30% virgin, cold-pressed shea butter and absorbs faster than most shea products + it smells amazing
  2. Young Living Rose Ointment // what’s not to love about rose? This healing ointment has rose, tea tree, and ylang-ylang to help moisturize and heal your hands.
  3. everyone 3-in-1 lotion // absorbs fast and leaves your skin super soft, everyone is also EWG approved so it’s 100% safe! They have lots of scents that are all natural and you can even use this on your face.
  4. Cindy’s Suds Healing Salve // lather your hands in this and cover with gloves or socks overnight. We keep this in our diaper bag too because it can be used for literally anything and it’s super healing.
  5. Aveda Hand Relief // this stuff is amazing, you won’t ever be disappointed with Aveda.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe

x, T

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