How To Get Volume That Lasts | Rootie

How To Get Volume That Lasts | RootieHow To Get Volume That Lasts | Rootie

Hey guys! I don’t normally post on Saturdays but I honestly didn’t have time yesterday to get this up! I was sent a cool hair tool recently and love it so I want to share with you! It’s called the Rootie and it’s basically like teasing your hair but with a hot tool with longer results.

Who remembers the crimper days? I definitely crimped my hair a lot back in middle school, I’m sure it was super cute lol. Anyways this is sort of like a crimper but has different plates and you only use it on the sections you would normally tease your hair for volume (sections away from your face and under the top layer of hair.). I filmed how to use the Rootie since it’s wayyyy easier to show you than tell you.


How To Get Volume That Lasts | Rootie

My thoughts after a full day

I’m super impressed, the volume lasted until I washed my hair. The only downside is that you are using heat on your hair which can cause damage (the Rootie does have a heat setting though so you can choose what temperature you set it to). I recommend using a heat protection spray and you’ll be good!

I definitely think the Rootie works better than back combing because when you back comb, your pulling up hair to volumize the top and lose volume and the ends. Where with the Rootie you are pumping up volume at the top. (if that makes sense)

Side Notes

I used the Rootie on my hair straight because that’s when I lack the volume the most but I’m using it tonight on my hair after I curl it so I’m super excited to see that. I’ll share those results with you too.

Let me know what you think! Do you need some serious volume that lasts longer than regular volumizing products or teasing?

Thanks for reading and watching today! Have a nice weekend!
Xx, T

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