GLAMGLOW Faves +Giveaway

GLAMGLOW Faves +Giveaway

Hey, guys! Happy Monday, I hope you’re off to a fabulous start this week. It’s the time of year where I want to take more baths and have more spa nights (face masks, mani/pedi, etc) because we’re getting closer and closer to fall and the cooler months. One of my favorite (more luxe) face mask brands is the beloved GLAMGLOW. One of my favorite things to do to pamper myself is face mask and GLAMGLOW just makes it feel extra luxurious. So today I’m sharing some of my faves and I have an exciting giveaway as well!


The only thing I don’t love is the scent, it smells like black licorice. BUT the mask applies really nicely and dries super tight (so not ideal for sensitive skin) which I love. My face is extremely smooth after using this and I do feel like it clarifies my pores. I like it because it draws out all impurities and you can also use it as a spot treatment.


The Flashmud is one of my favorites. It smells nice and applies nice, a little thicker and chunkier than the Supermud. This one is for brightening skin so it’s recommended to use 3 days in a row to start and then 1-3 times a week after that. After I take this one off my skin is a little pink but after a while and the next day my skin is so healthy looking. I’m all about getting radiant glowing skin so this one is in my favorite masks of all time. It has TEAOXI Technology and so many other impressive components to make you glowwwww.


If you’re looking for a quick way to get amazing skin for special events or things like that this one is for you! This was originally created for celebrities/people in Hollywood and known as the “10 min facial in a jar”. It definitely tingles and then scrubs your skin and leaves it smooth and radiant.


My other favorite and the one I also have to give away! This is the serum/moisturizer duo. It smells AHmazing. So after washing your face for the night, you apply the serum which is the pearl side. It melts into your skin and has vitamins and antioxidants. After the serum soaks in, the gray moisturizer goes on next and also feels luxurious as you put it on. It has Hyaluronic Acid + Mozuku Green Algae to recharge and plump your skin. You guys your skin will look fabulous in the morning, I promise. I’m so excited to give one of these away! If you want to win a Dreamduo just follow the steps below!


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Good luck xoxo


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