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Good Sleep Tips + The Best Bedding & Accessories

Good Sleep Tips + The Best Bedding & Accessories

Hello! It’s been a minute since I’ve talked about sleep on here and I have been very into setting up our bed with the best bedding (sheets, comforter, duvet, pillows etc) so I wanted to share. It seems like my 30’s have been all about creating the perfect bed, minimizing our life, and formulating a plan to get to warmer weather. Here is my latest post: Good Sleep Tips + The Best Bedding & Accessories.

Good Sleep Tips

  • no alcohol
  • no junk food before bed
  • sleepy tea
  • magnesium
  • no lights, if you have a diffuser or sleep light turn it to red
  • no screen time right before bed // if you can’t avoid it then turn off blue lights
  • skincare routine // versed | Skin Resource.MD | Dime Beauty
  • CBD // Leanna Organics is my favorite
  • essential oils // diffuse, roll on feet and wrists, or spray on bed
    • some favorites around here are Counting Sheep by RMO, lavender, vetiver, cedarwood, frankincense, and valerian
    • BRANDS: Simply Earth | Rocky Mountain 

Good Sleep Tips + The Best Bedding & Accessories

The Best Bedding and Accessories


We’ve had a Nectar mattress for a couple of years now and I can’t say enough about it. It’s firm yet soft and suppport us both perfectly. It’s like the perfect mattress for all types of people. It comes in a box for easy set-up, they have a lifetime warranty, and they compare to the other big brands so you can do your comparisons easily. Shop Nectar right here, use code toreynoora to save some $$


I got the Sleep & Glow pillow a month or so ago and I have loved it from the first night I used it. It’s perfect for people with eye lash extensions because it doesn’t touch the side of your face around your eyes. Here is a Reel of me demo-ing it. It also helps prevent premature aging which i am all for. Click here to check out Sleep & Glow omnia pillow, they also have a pillow bra, and some other accessories.


We have only used organic sheets for a few years now. That’s the theme with most of our bedding and my favorite thing about that is, it’s gets softer and better each time you wash it. For sheets, we’re currently using

Awara | Sijo Home


Simply Earth Bamboo is where we went for our comforter. We wanted something that was going to help regulate temperature so we can use it year round. When we got it, it blew my mind and hugely surpassed my expectations. I made a reel about it too. It’s incredibly soft and feels like a dream in our duvet. You can shop the Simply Earth Bamboo comforter right here.


When I saw the sun print duvet at Sister Moons I knew I had to have it. I needed something to brighten up our room and it does that without being too much. They also have the suns in blue + other prints. This one is hand block printed and made from 100% sustainably sourced organic materials. I shared a reel on it here. Check them out at sistermoons.com

Weighted Blanket

Are you ready to take your sleep to a whole next level you didn’t know existed? Let me re-introduce Baloo to you. I previously mentioned them in my 50+ Tips on Sustainability post because they are made from sustainable materials. This is the first weighted blanket I’ve had and I can see why they use them in schools to help kids with anxiety etc, it feels like a warm hug. It feels so comforting on and really tucks you in to bed at night. I have the throw blanket size and the king size blankets and love them both.

Cozy Pajamas

I’ve been wearing Cozy Earth for a while now. Their clothes are made out of a temperature regulating bamboo blend and they feel like nothing else I’ve ever owned. The ribbed lounge pants are my absolute favorite (with the socks) and I wear them every day. They’re super comfy and hold their shape. Shop Cozy Earth right here, 40% off with code CE-TOREYNOORA

Good Sleep Tips + The Best Bedding & Accessories

Thanks for reading!

x, Torey

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