Guest Post: A Husband’s Perspective on Blogging

Guest Post: A Husband's Perspective on Blogging

4 Lessons I’ve Learned from my Wife in Her First Year of Blogging


We were sitting in our living room and my wife said “I want to start a beauty blog”. I didn’t think twice about it, mainly because I thought a blog was a community website where you could sign up and share comments. Secondly, what’s the point? Then it hit me, blogging must be code for well I need to buy more makeup, hair supplies, and perfume to write all about it and share with others in case they want to buy them. 
Well, turns out I’m an idiot and my wife’s hard work and love for beauty has taught me a lot:
It’s Fun Doing What You Love

“Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life” that’s what we all hear. Well I love playing video games and riding jet skis so where does that leave me?
We usually can’t make a living doing what we love. Or can we? My wife has taught me to do what you love and work it into your life on a daily basis. If you genuinely love something why not pour yourself into it? I’m jealous of my wife, she loves all things beauty and now has a chance to grow a blog and make money doing it.

Its not even about the money, not even close. Its about doing what you love first, pouring yourself into something, and the money is a bonus. Its about spending your time on things you love, not wasting it.


I’m a monster in the gym, for about a month. I eat great, 3 days a week. My car is super clean, right after I clean it. OK, you get the point, I can’t do anything consistently but my wife has taught me the importance of being steady through her blog. This isn’t something she’s pointed out or even bragged about, just a trait I’ve observed over the past year. Every week she takes pictures, composes posts, and I sit back and take lessons.
My wife consistently posts to her blog every week. As a successful blogger you must be disciplined and consistent. Not easy when you haven’t written your Wednesday Post and it’s Tuesday at 11pm. I’ve learned that if you can’t sustain regular, strong posts your blog probably won’t make it.
Her blog is a microcosm of her life and how consistent she is, and it’s a valuable lesson that I needed to learn.

Your Personality Matters


My wife’s blog taught me that people want to follow your personality in the internet world. It’s what people feel when they explore your blog, not necessarily what they read or see.
And through her blog I’ve learned a lot about my wife’s personality.
My wife has an awesome personality.
She’s quiet and reserved, probably because I’m usually around her and talk over her. Well this blog gets me out of the way (until today) and let’s her personality shine. I’ve learned how smart, intelligent, and beautiful she is. She’s determined and bright and I couldn’t be more proud.

The Internet is Big, Really BIG

She helped drag me in to 2015.
I’m a millennial. I’m on the cutting edge.
Unfortunately, I was actually about 10 years behind what’s really happening on the Internet.
I’ve never heard of Beauty Blogs, Google Analytics, or Facebook Promoting until my wife took it upon herself to dive in. The Internet is amazing, and I know we think we already know everything on the Internet, but guess what? We don’t.
My wife’s determination to grow and evolve has taught me to take advantage of the time we live in. She’s taught me the greater lesson: evolve or die.
Thanks to my wife for the chance to post to her blog!

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: A Husband’s Perspective on Blogging

  • "blogging must be code for well I need to buy more makeup, hair supplies, and perfume to write all about it and share with others in case they want to buy them." – Wait…that's NOT what beauty blogging is?! 😉 This was a really sweet post! I was expecting it to be more about it taking time out of your lives, so it was refreshing to read his extremely positive perspective! I often feel guilty about spending so much time on blog-related things (like reading other blogs, commenting, responding to comments, watching YT videos, etc.) so it was nice to see that your husband is such a cheerleader for you doing what you love, and that you guys have great balance! It was sweet that he thinks your even more awesome now after reading your blog posts! 🙂

  • Thank you so much : )
    Sometimes I do feel like I am spending too much time with everything that goes into blogging bc it's so easy to get carried away but setting time aside for "life" (lol) is so important, and I always try to.
    He is the best! Thanks!

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