Guest Post: Best Secrets To Make Your Hair Soft & Silky


If you have always dreamed of having the softest and silkiest hair but have never really been able to pull it off without turning to chemical hair straightening solutions (and we’ve all been there), you’re going to fall in love with the tips and tricks we have for you below.

Believe it or not, it’s a lot easier than most people make it out to be to get super soft and ridiculously silky hair no matter what your hair is like normally – no matter how dry, how curly, or how frizzy it might be. All you have to do is take advantage of the tips and tricks we break down below and you’ll be off to the races!

Super “secret” Rosemary oil blend guarantees the softest hair you’ve ever felt

What you’re going to want to do is come up with a little “hair tonic” that you cook up on your own, using ingredients that you can get a hold of in any department or grocery store – ingredients that are going to turn into the softest hair solution you’ve ever tried.

The ingredients you’re going to want to collect are:

  • A bottle of aloe vera gel
  • A bottle of quality olive oil
  • A small bottle of Rosemary oil
  • And your favorite “mild” shampoo and conditioner

Mix up all of the ingredients outlined above into their own container (an old water bottle you don’t
mind sacrificing for this hair tonic works perfectly), and then allow them to sit for up to 48 hours.

Then, before you step into the shower, give that bottle of shake to evenly mix everything up again and use it as you would a normal shampoo and conditioner.

You’ll come out of the shower with the softest and silkiest hair you’ve ever had in your life, the kind of super soft and ridiculously silky hair that celebrities enjoy each and every day!

Your hair is guaranteed to stay silky all day long when you do this…

The fastest (and the easiest) way to guarantee that your hair stays silky all day long – no matter what the sun or humidity tries to do to it – is to scrub a bit of yogurt into it right before you hit the shower in the morning and leave it in for about 30 minutes.

It sounds kind of gross (and honestly the first time you do it it’s going to feel kind of weird), but once you shower – using the “super silky recipe” above – your hair is going to shine and flicker in any lighting and it will stay that way all day long!

So there you have it – a couple of different ways to help you guaranteed that your hair is always soft and silky every single day. Let us know below in the comments section if these tips and tricks have worked for you and if you have any tricks of your own!

We would love nothing more than for you to share them with us!

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