Guest Post: Spring Cleaning Your Skin and Hair Care Routine

Spring is an exciting time for hot weather-loving folks! With winter gone, you might be looking ahead to hot weather months and the fun and frolic to be had. However, it is important to adapt certain changes to your hair care and skin care routine, lest you want to experience tremendous amount of damage on them.
Guest Post: Spring Cleaning Your Skin and Hair Care Routine

Skin Care for Spring

With longer days and higher temperature levels, you will probably ditch your sweater and boots in place for shorts and sandals. Your spirits are probably high too! However, your skin is still probably suffering from the effects of the cold season. It can be rough, dry and undernourished. There are also certain areas in your body that you might neglect in the process of recovery, which includes your heels, elbows, toes and knees. Thus, pay close attention to them when changing your skin care routine for spring.

A good place to start for spring cleaning your skin care routine is with a moisturizing treatment. Focus on getting adequate amount of moisture on your skin – from head to toe.
Another important skin care step for spring is to exfoliate, especially your face. Your face is exposed to the cool air during winter, so you need to treat it to give it that lovely spring glow. When exfoliating, you need to be extra careful so as not to wash off the natural oils on your skin. Use a gentle but effective exfoliating scrub to get rid of any impurities or dead skin cells.
A good routine to follow as part of your daily skin care should therefore consist of the following: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Do this every day to restore your skin and revive its natural glow. It is also recommended that you undergo facial mask treatment once a week.
Guest Post: Spring Cleaning Your Skin and Hair Care Routine

Hair Care for Spring


For the perfect spring hair, it is important to know a few basic hair care tips. To get you started, it might be best to book an appointment with your hairstylist for a trim. The cool and dry air of the cold weather might have taken its toll on your hair strands. You can therefore get a trim to freshen up your hair for spring time.
Aside from getting a trim, it might be best to switch your shampoo and conditioner. If you’ve been using a moisturizing formula for autumn and winter, you need to change things up as this can bring too much moisture on your hair. If you are not sure what shampoo and conditioner to use, consult with your hairstylist so you can pick the right one.
It also pays to stock up on hair care products designed to cope with the challenges of spring. For instance, frizz is going to be pretty common during this time of the year. The best product to control or keep your frizz at bay is a hair serum. Carry them in your bag and apply them to your hair so you can make your manageable. Aside from an anti-frizz serum, you can also use anti-humidity spray.
After months of protective styling and infusing lots of moisturizer into your daily hair care routine (to combat the cold weather), you want to loosen up on your style for a bit.
How do you prep your hair and skin for spring? Do you stock up on any specific product?
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