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Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

gym bag beauty essentials

The weekend is over and it’s time to get back on track with our routines! I love having a good routine every day because it keeps me focused on what’s important. I use my planner and checklist to make sure I get stuff done every day. Working out is definitely part of my weekly routines. Whether you’re going to the gym or working out at home, there are some essentials to freshen up afterward! If I go to the gym I like to run errands after working out while I’m in a good mood, so I like to freshen up before leaving. If I am at home and actually have time to workout, that means I probably don’t have a lot of time to shower and all that jazz after the workout. Here are my gym bag beauty essentials, everything I need to have on hand after working out.


Facial Wipes

For a super quick clean, I always have facial wipes in my purse and gym bag. I really love the Yes to Cucumbers ones along with the Purity ones by Philosophy.

Dry Shampoo

This is a must have, it not only cleans your hair but makes it smell good. Batiste is a great budget friendly one and Living Proof is my favorite more expensive one.

Hair Serum

Working out can amp up the frizz so having a serum on hand will take care of that! I have been using a sample pack from Posh and love it!


Mascara can do a lot in just a couple of seconds if I could only choose one thing in my makeup bag it would be mascara. If you are already wearing mascara, using a refresher like this one from Urban Decay. If you’re a liner girl then keep your favorite eyeliner in your bag as well. Again, it’s all about feeling freshened up.

BB Cream

This is so easy to throw on after you wash your face. Get one with SPF and you kill two birds with one stone! The Purlisse BB Cream and is my absolute favorite and it’s actually $5 off right now! Use code FALL5 at checkout! You can click here to shop.

Moisturizing Lippie

I prefer to have a lip gloss or lipstick on hand because it is just a tad more glam than a tube of chapstick. I also love moisturizing lippie so I don’t have to worry about my lips being dry and flaky. The Sephora Rouge Shine line is perfect. I also have an entire post on moisturizing lippies here.


A little spritz of your favorite perfume will go a long way in making you feel freshened up. I love when I get those tiny sample tubes because they’re perfect for throwing in a bag and not worrying about breaking a bottle. I also love getting the roller ball mini sized bottles for this purpose. Fresh Cream by Philosophy is my absolute favorite.

Coconut Oil

Because coconut oil has like a million uses, why not keep a small container of it in your bag?! From lip balm to deodorant in a pinch, coconut oil can save the day. You can find coconut oil at all grocery stores, look for the words expeller pressed and  unrefined when picking it out.

Baby Wipes

Being a mom, these are just always in my purse but if you don’t have little ones running around this one might seem a little odd to have. You can literally use these for anything, they are so convenient to have! & the price is right to just have a pack in every bag. These are my favorite wipes for both myself and Emery.

Travel-Sized Styling Tools

If you do shower and need to get ready for work or anything, having a good travel hair dryer and flat iron is so convenient. This little T3 duo is on my wishlist at the moment. I have a post on hot tools here that I think you’d love.


Being prepared let’s you accomplish more and get things done! What are your gym bag must-haves? Do you prefer going to the gym or working out at home?

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