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Holiday Gift Guide 2021 | Beauty, Wellness, Essential Oils

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 | Beauty, Wellness, Essential Oils

Hello, hello! I am getting started on my Christmas shopping so I thought I would put together a gift guide for you. These are the things that I am shopping for this year + some of our tried and true faves of 2021. There is something for each category I could think of, let me know if you need any more ideas! Thanks for your continued support on toreynoora.com. These links are affiliate links, which means I make a tiny % on each sale (one of the ways bloggers make money). Happy Holidays!


click below to shop my favorite affordable dermatologist-formulated skincare

https://skinresourcemd.com/discount/Torey10 // code: torey10


I’ve linked a few of my tried and true faves


Halo Hand is our favorite nontoxic nail polish, see my reel here. They have lots of colors without the 10 common toxins other brands use.

shop halo hand // code TOREY15



CBD is always a good idea for a gift. + Leanna Organics (my fave brand) has lots of gift options like bath bombs, lotions, etc. I love their bar soaps + hemp soap bag combo personally and my favorite CBD tincture is the strawberry one. You can’t go wrong with anything they have.

click here to shop my fave CBD // Code: Torey10

Yoga & Meditation Essentials

Füm Inhaler | chakra essential oils | cbd


Essential Oils

click here to shop Simply Earth coupon code: TOREYNOORAFREE

click here to shop Füm  // Code: torey.noora, they have a Holiday Box which would be the perfect gift launching on Nov 14

click here to shop Rocky Mountain Oils

click here to shop Young Living


diffuser + handmade

click here to shop my Etsy shop


click here to shop Ana Luisa


hands down the best gift for kids or someone you know that has children is the Lovevery box. It’s a toy subscription box like I’ve never seen before. The toys are high quality and good for development.

click here to shop Lovevery

June & January is one of our favorite places to get kids clothing basics

shop June & January 

Dog Stuff

sniff and bark has the cutest stylish collars and all the accessories you need.

shop sniff and bark // code TOREYNOORA


our nectar mattresses have been life-changing . I talk about them on my Youtube Channel here. It’s the best mattress is a box, and they do alot of comparisons on their website, go check it out.

Shop Nectar

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