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Hey, friends! Today I am sharing everything I packed in my hospital bag for when my baby comes. This is my second baby and I feel like I did a pretty good job packing last time but this time I am swapping out a few things and only bringing the essentials. For example, I brought way too many clothes that I never wore and pads I never used last time and didn’t have enough socks (hospital socks aren’t my thing) or any makeup (I’d like to do at least my mascara and brows after labor & delivery). So let’s jump into the list! I’ll put everything in categories, for mom, for baby, for dad, etc. I will also link everything so you can click on any of the images below to shop. x

Hospital Bag Checklist | Only The Essentials

For Mom

    • socks & slippers
    • a few pairs of black comfy cotton underwear
    • nursing pillow – I just got a new Boppy one and can’t wait to use it
    • a couple of nursing bras/nursing tanks
    • nursing cover
    • comfy ‘going home’ leggings – I just packed a pair of maternity ones
    • comfy sweater or sweatshirt
    • postpartum bottom spray
    • nipple balm/cream
    • skincare & shower products
    • makeup – I have bb cream, concealer, mascara, brow pencil, highlighter, and bronzer.
    • flip-flops for the shower
    • black robe for after delivery – if you don’t want to wear the cute hospital gowns for 2 days

For Baby

  • outfit for pictures – I have a cute swaddle and matching headband
  • going home outfit – I have a couple of sleepers
  • swaddle – I packed our Ollie swaddle
  • warm blanket
  • a few diapers – they will have some at the hospital but I have a few just in case
  • pacifiers
  • car seat – obvi not in your hospital bag but just don’t forget it!

For Dad

  • white tees
  • undies
  • comfy shorts/sweatpants
  • comfy sweatshirt
  • pillow & blanket
  • toothbrush
  • gum/snacks
  • phone charger

For other siblings

  • Emery may or may not be there with us for a while so I have her backpack filled with her fave toys and coloring books
  • I also have an outfit/change of clothes for her
  • cup for milk/juice/water
  • snacks
  • iPad/phone to watch movies
  • gift from baby

Thanks for reading! Did I forget anything?

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x, T

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