How I Prep My Skin for Makeup | Current Routine

How I Prep My Skin for Makeup | Current Routine

Hello, friends! I hope you all had an awesome weekend! Today I’m sharing my current routine for prepping my skin for makeup. I have found that all the time but especially in the winter months it is super important to prepare your skin for makeup. If you don’t properly take care of your skin even a $50 bottle of foundation will not look it’s best. The first step is figuring out what your skin needs. Is it dry? Oily? Then, find the products that you’ll need! I have pretty normal skin that is a tad bit dry in the winter. So this is my routine!


I cleanse my skin with whatever facial cleanser I’m using that day then use whatever serum I’ve decided I needed. Then, I use my H2O+ Waterbright radiating moisturizer. This moisturizer has SPF 30 so I’m protected from the UV rays and it also has Vitamin C so I’m also protected from other environmental aggressors like pollution. It also has tiny little light reflectors so it instantly dramatically brightens my skin, it’s super lightweight and absorbs fast.

I also like using a little of my glow booster by Pixi to prep my skin. Sometimes I mix it in with my moisturizer and sometimes I mix it in with my foundation. This type of product is so versatile because you can also apply it over top of foundation, it really is up to you and how you want it to look! I like to highlight the inner corner of my eyes with it as well. Multitaskers like this are a must in my makeup bag.


I have recently become a huge fan of the brand Patchology. They have different face masks and things to hydrate and restore your skin. I have been using these flashpatch eye gels and they are amazing. They are little under-eye shaped gel masks soaked in serum with caffeine, collagen and other things that brighten and hydrate skin. They sooth/plump/prepare your eye are for makeup, I just pop them on for 5 minutes then I’m ready to take them off, I massage the rest of the serum into my skin and finish my makeup. You can do your brows or finish your hair while you wait but I love that it only takes 5 minutes! Masks like this and other sheet masks are more beneficial than just applying serums with your fingers. Have you tried sheet masks? I LOVE them!


I have also recently been LOVING this lip balm by Kenzoki. It’s called Balm for Lips to Kiss and it’s part of Kenzoki’s lotus flower collection. Before I used this I would definitely think twice before paying $20 for a lip balm, but I am so obsessed with how hydrated and soft my lips are 3 minutes after putting this on. It also has light reflecting ingredients that enhance your lips natural color (bonus!). I don’t know what their secrets are but this stuff works and makes me want to try everything from the collection.


What are your favorite ways to prepare your skin for makeup?

Thank you so much for reading today!

Xx, T

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