How To: Contour With Naked Flushed Palette

How To: Contour With Naked Flushed Palette

How To: Contour With Naked Flushed Palette
How To: Contour With Naked Flushed Palette


I have the Flushed palette in the shade, Naked. It includes a bronzer, highlighter, and blush, so perfect for travel! The bronzer is a pretty universal shade, perfect for a lot of different skin tones. The highlighter is a nice light diffusing formula, not sparkly and also perfect for many skin tones. The blush in this shade is a medium pink with a hint of shimmer. UD also came out with a double-ended brush to go along with the Flushed palette and I also LOVE it. One end is an angled blush/contour brush and the other end is a mini flat-top brush perfect for highlighting. I definitely recommend getting this to go along with your palette.

How To: Contour With Naked Flushed Palette

Okay, so I get a lot of questions on why and how to contour. First of all, contouring along with blush gives the face back the color after covering it up with foundation. Contouring will also slim the face and highlighting will enhance your good features. This is why we bronze/contour where we don’t like and highlight where we do!
This is an easy placement diagram to show where each product goes in general. All face types are a little different, so this won’t be exactly the same for everyone.

How To: Contour With Naked Flushed Palette


(The brown line, basically in the shape of the number 3) is applied along your hairline, down the hollow of your cheek, and then down/under your jawline where a natural shadow would be.


(The pink oval) is applied on the apples of your cheeks and can be blended up and out towards the hairline.


(The white ovals) is applied just under your brows and just above your blush. Doing so can create an instant “lift”.


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