How To Double Cleanse with Julep

How To Double Cleanse with Julep How To Double Cleanse with JulepHello, friend! I hope you had a really fun weekend! My little sister graduated from college which seems impossible but was so cool to see. Other than that we just relaxed and it felt so good. Today I’m talking about double cleansing which is something that I’ve been doing for a long time, and if you remove your makeup with coconut oil or any type of oil, you probably are doing it too! Double cleansing is an innovative K-beauty skin routine that is exactly what it sounds like. You are basically washing your face twice, once with an oil based cleanser and once with a regular (water based) cleanser. The result is extremely clean and hydrated skin.

When I first heard the term and explanation of double cleansing I thought why would you take the time to do 2 steps like that (when I don’t have much time to start with). But if you are removing your makeup before you wash your face, which you should be, you’re already doing it. Behold, the best products I’ve found yet to do the glorious double cleanse.

Step 1: Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil

This oil is light and melts right into your skin to break down makeup. It has Grape Seed Oil which soothes skin and tightens pores, Grapefruit Peel Oil which cleanses and evens skin tone, Rosehip Seed Oil that hydrates and restores pH balance, and also Green Coffee Bean Oil to invigorate and promote cell turnover. To use this you pump some into your dry hands and massage all over your dry face. What I love about it is that it rinses clean without feeling oily or greasy at all and it won’t clog your pores. *Pro Tip: Use a sponge like this one to exfoliate after massaging this into your skin.

Step 2: Love Your Bare Face Detoxifying Cleansing Stick

I am a huge fan of products that are easy to travel with like this stick. This is step 2 in the double cleanse. So after using the oil cleanser, apply this to your face wet and rinse clean. This cleanser has Rice Bran Oil that dives deep to purge impurities, Grapefruit Peel Oil to cleanse and even skin tone, Camellia Seed Oil which hydrates and clarifies skin, and Pomegranate Fruit Enzyme which is a gentle exfoliator.

Your skin will be cleansed, detoxed, and super hydrated and healthy. Healthy glowing skin is the best skin. After the double cleanse follow with your normal serums, eye creams, and moisturizers.

Have you tried double cleansing? What are your favorite products to use?

Xx, T

Thanks to Julep for collaborating with me on this post.

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