HOW TO: Fix a Faux Tan Gone Wrong

HOW TO: Fix a Faux Tan Gone Wrong
We’ve all had those times where our tanning lotion/mousse,whathaveyou, has gone oh so wrong and we looked better off looking like Casper the ghost. If you happen to mess up a spray tan or self-tanner, there are ways to make it look…better.
↠ Shower, shower, and shower again. The water and body wash will help get rid of the tan.
↠ Exfoliate with a body scrub and use a loofah.
↠ If you have some mistakes on your face and neck area Clinique clarifying lotion will help tremendously.
↠ Cut a lemon in half and rub it over the lines/mistakes.
↠ Use St. Tropez tan remover
There are also ways to help prevent this from happening so you don’t have to worry about it. Self-tanning can be somewhat easy if you follow the directions on the bottle along with these tips.
↠ Scrub, exfoliate and shave at least 24 hours before.
↠ Moisturize immediately before on areas prone to the streaks like elbows and knees.
↠ Use a mitt to get an even application and do small areas at a time.
↠ Use a higher quality self-tanner, now this doesn’t mean you have to spend $100’s on a bottle, but not $5 either.
I hope these tips help you in your faux tan journey and I’d love if you shared your tips as well!
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